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Well-being Support

At Uplands, we recognise that if a child is not feeling safe, calm and happy, then they will not be in a good place to learn. We know that children may be going through a variety of life-experiences outside of school that could impact on their well-being.  As such, we have a range of different support available to help them navigate their feelings.


Well Being Groups

Each class runs a small well-being group throughout the week where children can talk about their emotions, things that are going in school, things they are finding difficult and feel supported and listened to.  We use a range of resources to support the running of these groups.



We employ the services of a fantastic counsellor who is available to work with some of our children who may be going through a difficult time.  This might include a child who has suffered a bereavement, parental break-up, significant childhood trauma or a child who is struggling to deal with big emotions. She works one morning a week and is able to do one to one counselling sessions, family counselling sessions and play therapy.


Our offer is for a child to have a session with Wendy, our counsellor, once a week for a period of six weeks. She would always meet with the parent(s) first before engaging with the child. There is significant demand for Wendy's services so it is not guaranteed that we have a place available at all times.


Therapy Dog

We are very lucky to have connected with Pets as Therapy which is a local charity who provide therapy dogs to schools and other establishments.  Therapy dogs are trained to be gentle and friendly and to accept strangers hugging or petting them.  Spending time with a therapy dog can be good for a child's well-being and mental health; it is a gentle, non-intrusive method of working with children who need a little support with their learning or emotional needs.


This is Flo, our therapy dog. She attends Uplands Primary School once a week with her owner, who is a trained Pets as Therapy volunteer.  

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