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Hi all, 


I hope you've had a lovely half term and enjoyed the sun! From now on, due to Year 6s being in school, all Year 5 learning will be on the newly named Year 5 blog (on the blogging pages). The Year 6s now have a Year 6 at home blog also. I hope this is helpful as everything will now be in one place!


We are looking forward to catching up with you all during the first week back. 


Mrs TC and Mrs H 



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Dear Children and Parents,

We have decided to set you some extra fun challenges which you may wish to complete at any time during the next few weeks. The idea of these challenges is to encourage creativity and social interaction (at a safe social distance of course) to look after our 5 steps to wellbeing.


Connecting challenges:

  • Facetime your friends
  • Call a grandparent or elderly friend to have a chat
  • Write a letter and post it when you can. Alternatively, you could write someone an email.
  • Host your own family quiz – you could use facetime, zoom, google meet or email them the questions
  • Post a picture on our Padlet page or email us pictures of your day - it doesn't have to all be work related it can just be a nice picture!
  • Call a grandparent and ask them about their past and your family history.


Be Active challenges:

  • Go for your one walk of the day! When you go try and take some lovely scenic photographs.
  • Check our Joe Wicks!
  • Make your own PE video in your garden! – Send them in, Mrs Knight would love them and we can share them on the blog.
  • Try some gardening!
  • Grow your own veg, fruit or pretty flowers! – As always send me pictures - Mrs TC has started her own veggie patch too!
  • Check out an online sports class, maybe try that dance class you always wanted to have a go at.


Take Notice:

  • Take part in some mindfulness meditation – the headspace app is brilliant for this.
  • Do some calming mindfulness colouring, alternatively you can make your own colouring pages.
  • Do some yoga!
  • Have a ‘clear the clutter’ day – find those toys you do not play with anymore and donate them to someone else.
  • Take notice of how your siblings and parents are feeling or acting – help the out
  • Bring nature into your home learning space. You could bring a potted plant into you space or put up some beautiful pictures of nature you have taken on one of your walks.


Give Challenges:

  • Make lunch for your family
  • Do some helpful jobs round the house – maybe tidy that room!
  • Give up some of your time to play a board game together.
  • Write down a list of all the things you are thankful for.
  • Volunteer to do something for a family member you wouldn’t normally do.
  • Write down your favourite recipe – email it to us and post it on our Padlet page.


Keep Learning:

  • Keep working hard on your school work.
  • Research something that interests you to find out more.
  • Try a tutorial online – like Draw with Rob!
  • Try some baking or a new recipe.
  • Watch a TED talk -
  • Do a crossword or Sudoku


We hope this helps you come up with some more ideas of what to do at home during this difficult time. We would love see what you manage to do so keep sending in the lovely photos.


Much love

Mrs TC and Mrs H 😊 x

Welcome to Eagles!


Teachers – Mrs Tedaldi-Chestnutt, Mrs Holloway and Mrs Halsey

TAs – Mrs Day-Lewis and Mrs Finch



Topic homework is given out at the start of the term and is due weekly every Friday.  Please help your child only when completely necessary. The main objective of these tasks is to encourage independence ready for secondary school.



Children are expected to read at home at least four times a week and this should include reading out loud to an adult as well as to themselves as this is still an important skill. Reading diaries should be brought in on Monday and signed by an adult to show reading has been completed.

If they do not have 4 times written in their diary then they will lose 5 - 10 minutes of break time on a Monday reading their book inside.

It is your child’s responsibility to take their diary to and from school.



In the Autumn Term, the children go swimming on a Tuesday afternoon. They need to bring swimming kit, water bottle and a snack as well as a coat for the walk. In the Spring and Summer term the children have PE lessons on a Tuesday afternoon.


Knowledge Organiser

Every term we create a knowledge organiser which contains all of the key facts that the children need to know for science and humanities. This term our topic is Walk Like an Egyptian. Please see below for the knowledge organiser.



The highlight of your child’s time in Eagles is our annual trip to PGL! This takes place during the summer term and is a fantastic opportunity that should not be missed.


To see more about the Eagles class, look at the Eagles blog page which is updated with information about the children's learning regularly.


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