Uplands Primary School

3rd - 7th February

Earlier in the week we started an experiment in science to see the importance of washing our hands. We put clean hands, hand sanitiser hands, i-pad hands and dirty hands on slices of bread. We can't wait to see the results! We think the dirtiest will be the i-pad.


On Wednesday in DT, we started our mini greenhouse project. We began by researching greenhouses and found out the materials they're made from, why they are used and what grows best in them. We then explored different materials and designed our own greenhouse with a partner. On Thursday, we carefully measured the wood and cut them using mini saws. We used clamps on the table to hold them in place. After that, we used a hot glue gun to attach the wood and make the frame. To make the sections within the frame we used acetate and cling film. Please look below to see our final greenhouses.


Have a great weekend.


From Benji and Lucy

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