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Tuesday 31st March


Morning everyone!  Hope you all had a productive Monday.  Thanks to everyone who joined in with our quiz yesterday - we had quite a few people scoring 100%!


Hopefully you are remembering to keep up with your Times Table Rockstar games.  If you think your child needs to be moved on to the next times table, please email me and I can move them on.


Today's Six in Six are attached below.  Have a happy Tuesday everyone!


Miss Dempster



Today's code is 831113.  See you at 12pm!


Miss D

Monday 30th March 


I hope you've all had a lovely, relaxing weekend and are ready for another great week of learning at home. 


I've added today's Six in Six below and I will be running another quiz today at our usual time of 12pm.  Today's quiz will be on some of the words we've learnt over the term during our vocabulary sessions - they're pretty tricky so take your time!


Thank you for the photos you've been sending us - keep them coming!  I've added a few more below.  


Have a happy Monday everyone and I'll post the pin for today's quiz at 11am.


Miss Dempster 

Picture 1 Tate's brilliant hat for watching his dad race.
Picture 2 A lot of writing being done by the Barretts.
Picture 3 There someone under there...
Picture 4 Ewan's crazy rugby hat!

Friday's Quizizz


Morning everyone.  Today's pin is: 060656.  See you at 12pm!

Friday 27th March 


We've had some lovely pictures, videos and even a PowerPoint of some of the things you've been up to - I've added them to the blog below (I've tried not to duplicate the ones already on the whole school blog).  Keep them coming - we love seeing what you are all getting up to.  Watch the video of Benji and Jemima's domino rally - perhaps you could see if you can make an even better one? 


As of next week we will be adding a new Six in Six for you to do every day.  Today's papers are added below for you to try.  There will also be another quiz running today at 12pm - this one will be more of a Friday fun quiz!  I’ll post the pin as usual by 11am. Hopefully we'll see lots of you there!


I thought I’d set a Fun Day Friday challenge: design the most unusual, craziest hat you can think of. Who would wear your hat? On what occasion would they wear their hat? What is special or unusual about it? Does it have any gadgets attached to it? You can draw, paint, create a collage or even make a model of your hat. Get your parent(s) to send a picture of your creation to us and we’ll share all the pictures on here next week. Parents, my top learning from home tip I wish I’d followed at home today - don’t allow free rein with the glitter! A rookie mistake! 🤦🏻‍♀️


Well done to everybody for getting through what was a very strange week indeed!  


Take care everyone,

Miss Dempster


Picture 1 Eva-Grace's report on the Romans.
Picture 2 A lovely story by Bence.
Picture 3 A gorgeous picture by Reuben.

Benji and Jemima's exciting domino rally.

Still image for this video



Morning everyone.  Today's code is 441799.  We'll be playing the game at 12pm.  If this is your first time of joining our game, you need to go onto click on 'join game' and input the code.


See you all at 12!



Wednesday 25th March 


Hello everyone smiley


I hope everyone is coping well at home.  I'm aware that there are a few technical errors with some of the log-ins, particularly the Read Theory ones (we are calling it a technical error and not a Miss Dempster error wink).  If you are still having problems, please email me at and I'll reset it for you.


Well done to everyone who has been getting on with Read Theory and Prodigy - I am able to see your progress with both of these and see how well you are all doing.  If you haven't tried Prodigy yet, I'd really recommend giving it a go - I've been assured by many of the children (including my own!) that it's really cool!


We had a lovely time drawing along with Rob Biddulph at school on Monday.  He is regularly uploading videos of how to draw some of the characters from his books.  I've added the link to this below so you can join in as well and some pictures of our attempts (see if you can spot mine!).  If you send me pictures of what you've done, I can add them to our blog for everyone to enjoy!


I was so pleased so many of you logged into our online quiz on Monday - it was so exciting for us in the classroom to see everyone's names popping up.  So, I will host another one today (Wednesday at 12pm) on our current topic and a fun one on Friday at 12pm as well.  I will put the pin number up on the blog by 11am each day.  


Here is another Six in Six for you to do at home.  Stay happy and healthy everyone!


Miss Dempster 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3



For those who would like to join in with a quiz we're playing in school, you need to log in to and click on 'join game'.  The pin you need to enter is: 527584.  You'll need to do this by 12pm.  The children need to put their name in so we can all see who we're playing with!  Good luck!

Monday 23rd March


Morning everyone!


Here are our first Six in Six papers for you to try at home - we've added a few more questions so they're a bit longer than usual.  You don't need to print them off, just have them up on the screen and write down the answers. Everyone knows whether they need to do Paper A or Paper B.  


I'm going to trial something this morning for everyone - I'm going to host a short online quiz which everyone can take part in (if you tell your child it's like a Kahoot game, they'll know what I mean!).  We'll be playing it at school and you can play it at home - I thought it would be a nice way to connect us all during this strange time.  If you are interested in taking part, you'll need to log on to and click on Join a Game.  You'll need a pin which I'll add to the top of our blog later this morning.  We will play the quiz at 12pm.  I hope lots of you will join in!  


Don't forget to keep in touch with us -


Take care everyone,

Miss Dempster 



Best Class Attendance!

Best Class Attendance! 1

2nd - 6th March


Kestrels have had another busy week!


In English, we have been writing our persuasive letters to send to the Prime Minister to persuade the government to help with the funding for solar panels in primary schools. We included some great conjunctions, questions and persuasive phrases.


In maths, we have been multiplying three-digit numbers and two digit numbers by one-digit numbers. Earlier on in the week we also solved money problems involving fractions and compared the length of different objects. 


In topic we have been identifying and naming different animals as well as learning about food chains. We learnt about producers, consumers and predators. 


Have a great weekend from Harrison and Bence smiley

24th - 28th February 


Welcome back after half term!


We have been very busy this week in Kestrels. In maths, we have been recalling multiplication and division facts and  learning about fractions.


In English, we started planning a letter to the government to persuade them to help with funding towards solar panels for our school. We are looking forward to writing them next week!


In topic we have been identifying different biomes around the world including, Aquatic, Tundra, Raiforest, Grasslands, Forests and Deserts. We located them in the world and also learnt lots of facts!


Have a great weekend,

From all of the Kestrels smiley









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