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W.C 28th March

We had a very exciting week this week with lots of learning going on. Most excitingly we had our trip to Hawkwood. Check out the photos below for a taste of what we got up to. We also ran a shop with Mr Powell on Friday to practice of money in maths. 

W.C. 21st March

Last week we worked really hard in Kestrels class whilst Mrs TC was away. We did lots of work on our guided reading books of Charlotte's Web and The Boy Who Grew Dragons. We also did some brilliant maths work on angles in Year 4 and money in Year 3. 


Mrs TC was super impressed when she came back at our work on apostrophes and a or an in writing. 


On Tuesday 29th we are off to Hawkwood and will post some photos of our time up there. We are going to be working on our sketching skills so cannot wait to show you all that. 

Cat and Bird by Paul Klee


We have been studying the work of Paul Klee in art and have created our own Cat and Bird pieces of art using oil pastels and watercolours. We love the colours and patterns and we hope you like them too! 


We have been practicing our recorders again this week. This week we have been playing A and B together and reading sheet music and playing some silly songs like Annie’s Granny and Lazy, crazy kangaroo. Next week we are onto G and E. 

Computer Networks


In Computing we have been learning all about networks. We have learnt about Wireless Access Points, Network Switches, Wireless connections, Routers and the Internet! 



In Science, we have been learning about classification of animals. Check out some of our classification sorting below and ask us what we have learnt. 

Kestrels Art 


For our art enrichment days we started by making leaves out of photographs we took in the playground of natural things. We then used the photos to create collage leaves. 

20th September - 1st October 2021


We have been super busy the last few weeks with our Romans topic. We have been busy finding out all about who Julius Caesar was and where the Roman Empire was. 


In science we have been learning about Solids, Liquids and Gases. We learnt some colours and animals in French. We even started singing our new song and playing our musical instruments in our music lessons. Check out some of the photos of the week below! 


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Week Commencing 12th July

Circus Skills


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DT Enrichment Week


During this week, we have been super busy with designing and creating new muffins for Salt Bakehouse.


We worked hard on our skills day and explored hammering, drilling, sawing and joining materials together. These skills were then used to create our own mini cars. Our champion was Charlie Phelps as his car travelled the furthest!

The baking day went extremely well and we were so pleased with how they turned out! Have a look at the photographs below of our final muffins and box designs.


Have a great weekend.


From all of Kestrels


Hawkwood Visit - Wednesday 16th June 

Week Commencing 7th June


We have had a great first week back after half term. In writing, we planned and wrote our own nonsense poems. Take a look at the videos below to listen to them!


Our new vocab words this week are scamper, discard, roam and enquire.


Have a super weekend!


From Kestrels 




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Heureux Demi-Trimestre!

Happy half term from Kestrels!


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Week Commencing 17th May

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We’ve had another super week in Kestrels!

Our new vocab words this week are enchanted, mumble, fragile, and miraculous.

Have a great weekend!

Week Commencing 10th May 


Take a look at our video below to see what we’ve been learning in Kestrels this week!


Our new vocab words are gallant, generosity, sensational and adjourn. 

Have a great weekend!






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Week Commencing 3rd May


This week we have finished writing our own set of instructions in English. Have a look at some examples below! In maths, the year 4 children have been comparing/ordering decimals and the year 3’s have been adding fractions.


In our topic lessons, we started to design our own settlements in geography and in PE we continued to work on our hockey skills.


Our new vocab words this week are descend, murmur, eternal and solemn.


See you next week, have a super weekend!


From Kestrels


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Week Commencing 26th April


This week in Kestrels we have continued our instruction writing in English about how to wash a prehistoric elephant and next week we will begin to write our own.


In maths, the year 3 children have started to learn about fractions and the year 4 children have been dividing one and two-digit numbers by 10 and 100.


In geography, we continued to look at different types of settlements and also located some villages and hamlets in Gloucestershire using maps. We have also enjoyed greeting our friends and counting in French. As a school, we also began our daily mile challenge and are looking forward to continue it next week. 

Our new vocab words this week are apprehensive, motionless, vague and gullible.


Have a brilliant bank holiday weekend.


From all of the Kestrels!





What a great first week back!


Our new topic this term (We Will Rock You) is all about the Stone Age. This week we’ve had lots of fun making our very own timeline and creating our own Stonehenge art work. Have a look at the photographs below, they’re pretty amazing!


In geography, we’ve started to learn about different types of settlements and in PE we have continued learning new skills in hockey.


In our writing, we have started writing our own instructions about how to wash a prehistoric elephant. We have included adverbs and complexed sentences to make our writing more interesting. In maths, the year 3 children have been subtracting pounds and pence from ten pounds and the year 4 children have been reading/representing decimal numbers.


Our new vocab words this week are queer, anguish, adore and restrain. 

Have a brilliant weekend! 






Happy Easter Everyone!


Easter Time!

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Week Commencing 22nd March


We’ve had another great week in Kestrels!

This week we have been busy writing non-fiction reports about our own made up natural disaster and have included subheadings to set out our work neatly. In maths, the year 4 children have learnt about angles and the year 3s have been adding coins to make different amounts.

We have also started to make torches in DT. A lot of perseverance was needed but we were so pleased with how they turned out! In PE, we continued to learn new skills in hockey and also created our own museum in art to show off the amazing work by the artist Hokusai.


Have a great weekend!

22nd - 26th March

Week Commencing 8th March


We’ve had a lovely first week back together! There’s been breakfast, bubbles, art, lots of reading, poetry, chatting, hockey, playing together and laughing!



Wednesday 6th January


Good morning Kestrels gang!


So, here we are again - home learning!  This will be your first day of accessing the work on Google Classroom.  Hopefully things will run smoothly but I'm sure some of you will have some technical difficulties especially as you'll all be accessing the work on different devices.  Mrs Ponting and I will be regularly checking Google Classroom and our emails, so please get in touch if you have any problems or questions and we'll do our best to help you.  The technology is new to us as well, so I'm sure we'll all get in the swing of it soon.


When you access the assignments on Google Classroom, please don't feel you need to print them off.  Some of them can be written straight onto via your device if your child wants to type their answers up, before submitting it.  Alternatively, they can just write their answers in their exercise book and then you can photo their work and submit it for us to mark.  


I've also uploaded a story time for your children to listen to.  This is just an audio file at the moment but I'm figuring out different ways to do this so it might improve!


I hope you all have a good first day of learning at home.  Let us know if you have any problems.  


We've got this Kestrels!


Miss Dempster

Have a great Christmas from all of Kestrels!

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Christmas Party!

Festive Fun!

16th - 20th November

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9th - 13th November

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3rd - 6th November

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Anti-bullying Week

Our Anti-bullying Poem

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Anti-bullying Superhero Squad!