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October 11th - 15th

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4th October to 7th October


This week in maths, the year 5s have been learning about Roman numerals.  The year 6s have been working on  multiplying and dividing by two digit numbers.


In English, the year 5s have been using working on writing a spooky story - we've used metaphors, similes and dialogue to create atmosphere.  In year 6, we have been writing a non-chronological report about our own planets - we are using semi-colons, alliteration and complex sentences.


In French, we were writing descriptive sentences about animals and fruit.


In PE, we practised our shooting skills in netball and we started gymnastics in the hall.  We were working on different ways of jumping. 


On Tuesday, we went to take photographs of the street names which match our new houses.  We then worked on creating a piece of art for each house: Thompson, Capel, Springfield and Folly.


The whole school had a harvest assembly - see our brilliant song below!


By Rufus, Hollie and Miss D




Our Harvest Festival Song

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Monday 26th September - 1st October


This week has been very fun; we thank the teachers.



In year six English, we have been writing about a planet called Demponite. We used semi colons and relative clauses. For year five English, we have been writing information about animals that we wrote. After that, we typed it up onto a chromebook.



In topic, we worked out how the Earth orbits the sun and how the moon orbits the Earth. We formed circles to create a human replica.



In music this week, we sang the ghost parade (accompanied by the glockenspiels) and we learned chords on the ukuleles. 



In year five maths, we have been rounding five and six digit numbers. For year six maths, we had to times and divide decimal numbers by ten and one hundred. We also had to times a number with one decimal place by a one digit number.



In pshe, we have been learning about Christians and their beliefs.



Our new vocab words for this week are tottering, livid, lingering, despair, triumph, abrupt, desolate, unwilling and astride.


Have a super weekend!


Benji, Noah and Henry 😊

Monday 20th - Friday 24th September



In year 5 maths, we have been learning about place value and plotting numbers on number lines. We have also ordered numbers from smallest to largest. In year 6, we have multiplied decimals by 10, 100 and 1000.



The year 5 children have been writing a fact sheet about animals and the year 6 have been writing an adventure story. Our new vocab words for this week have been debris, overwhelming, yearn, urge, obedient, deceive, persecute, spurt, phenomenal and facade.  



We have continued to learn about space and have started our Peter Thorpe art-work. Take a look at our pictures below! In PE we have been learning netball skills including passing and foot positions. In French we wrote a poem about the sun and the moon.


Have a great weekend.

Isabelle and Emily smiley 


Monday 13th - Friday 17th September


This week has been very fun so we thank the teachers for their hard work.



In year five, we have been doing maths riddles and making numbers out of blocks. We have also been doing six and seven digit numbers. This week in year six we started the week off with Miss Dempster’s nightmare-number lines, followed by rounding and values of numbers.



In year six English, we have been writing about a book named cosmic, we have been writing a story based on it, taking it step by step using the writing rainbow. In year five English, we have been researching about animals to get information about nature. These animals included a koala, a wood pigeon, and a sea lion.



In topic we have been carrying on with our space race topic, researching about animals being sent up to space and testing to see if humans could meet our solar system.


Have a great weekend! From Harrison and Laurie 😊


Monday 6th - Friday 10th September 


First Day Back

On Monday, we did team building skills and welcomed each other back into the community.



Throughout the week, we focused on place value, seven digit numbers, representing numbers and finding values of digits using place value grids.


At the start of the week, we wrote persuasive letters to the chair of governors trying to make her believe we would be good buddies. Later on, we learnt a poem off by heart and performed it in groups. Have a look at our poems below!



Our topic is called ‘The Race for Space.’ We started off by being put into groups with a planet each to research and made a paper mache model. Next we researched Sputnik (the space programmed satellite that was sent into space in 1957 by the Russians!) We also then researched the Cold War! We also started looking at the art of an artist called Peter Thorpe! He does abstract art and he does a lot of art about rockets and space! We learnt that he was born in 1957 (the same time that Sputnik was launched!) He does art with paint that he would have thrown away! (The background at least).

Written by Benji and Emilia smiley

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This week the children have been learning about propaganda and have come up with their own propaganda posters. They loved designing these and coming up with their own slogans!

The World at War! 


The Eagles have been working really hard learning all about World War 2 during this term. They have learnt about the start of the war and wrote some fantastic news reports. They have learnt about the Evacuation of Dunkirk creating some brilliant comic strips full of amazing drawings. Did you know Air Raid shelters were used as protection during the war? They have also discovered the events of the Battle of Britain and researched key events that happened during this time. Check out some of their photos below. 

Quelle heure est-il? 

The Eagles this week did telling the time in French. We now know how to say O Clock, Half Past, Quarter Past and Quarter to in French! 

Evolution and adaptation 


This week we have been learning all about evolution, adaptation and fossils. We researched camels, polar bears and the Galapagos finches amongst many other animals to see how they have adapted over the years. The kids loved looking and understanding how and why they have changed. We then all embraced our inner child and looked at dinosaurs and their fossils that have been found, the class had to match up the fossil to the correct dinosaur and explain why they knew they were a match. They then got to design their own animal and fossil, and had to explain how if we looked at the fossil we would know it was their animal! They loved creating these and using their imagination. 

Anti-bullying week


For anti-bullying week we had lots of discussions on what bullying looks like and what to do if bullying happens. The kids came up with their own “I choose to...” sentences on what they will do to help stop bullying and put these on a jigsaw piece. We then put the jigsaw pieces together and came up with a lovely, colourful and meaningful anti-bullying puzzle!

Learning all about blood!

This week in topic Eagles have been learning about different blood cells and blood vessels. They have done some brilliant work describing the functions and also showcasing their learning with some fantastic comic strips! 

Heart dissection week!


We've had a really exciting week in Eagles this week as Mrs TC did a live heart dissection using pigs hearts! The kids loved it and got really involved, some of them were even brave enough to smell it! Using the real hearts in front of them the kids had a go at sketching different parts of the heart that they could see and did a brilliant job. 

Term 6 Week 6

6th July - 10th July

This week is going to be a little bit different because you have been working so hard this term! I have set an enrichment timetable this week. It is about Rio and the Amazon Rainforest and has lots of different activities to choose from. You can do them in any order you like! 

This week I won't be making phone calls but I am always on email, so please email if you have any questions or concerns.

I hope you have a fab week! smiley

Term 6 Week 5

29th June - 3rd July

Well done for yet another brilliant week! You're impressing me every week with how you are maintaining your motivation to do your home learning! ​I have attached this weeks timetable and work below. As always please let me know if you have any questions or concerns smiley

8in4 challenges!
Colin and Coco's Daily Workouts
Maths Activity Mats

Term 6 Week 4

22nd June - 26th June

We are already in Week 4, this term is going so quickly! I have attached below the new work for this week. Thank you for all the "I'm proud of..." sentences, they are brill so far. If you haven't sent it to me yet, please can I have this as soon as possible. Thank you smiley

8in4 challenges!

Maths Activity Mats

On each PDF there are 3 different mats for each day. I would like everyone to attempt the second mat (the one with 2 stars), unless you really fancy a challenge and you can do the third mat (the one with 3 stars)!

​​​​​​​Colin and Coco's Daily Workouts

Term 6 Week 3

15th June - 19th June

You've all had another brilliant week, well done! I have attached below this weeks work. If you haven't already, please can you email us a couple of sentences your child is proud of in school or during home learning, I will send out an email reminder later on in the week. Hopefully speak to you all on Wednesday!

8in4 challenges!

Maths Activity Mats

On each PDF there are 3 different mats for each day. I would like everyone to attempt the second mat (the one with 2 stars), unless you really fancy a challenge and you can do the third mat (the one with 3 stars)!

Colin and Coco's Daily Workout

Term 6 Week 2

Well done on your fantastic work the first week back! All of this weeks work is below. You have now finished the arithmedo pack - well done! So this is replaced with some maths activity mats. Please let me know if there are any questions.

8in4 challenges!
Maths Activity Mats
Colin and Coco's Daily Workouts

Term 6 Week 1


Hi all,


I hope you've had a brilliant half term and enjoyed the lovely sun. This is now the new year 5 blog and you will find everything here!


I am going to continue to do phone calls on a Wednesday but if this day doesn't work for you, please let me know and I can call a different day. 


Any questions feel free to email smiley


Mrs H 

8in4 challenges!
Colin and Coco's Daily Workouts
Arithmedo answers (after the questions)


Hi all, 


Having spoken to many of you this week we feel a change may be wanted by some. Therefore to hopefully bring some change we have created our usual weekly timetable, which we have tried to change up a bit as well as a fun filled enrichment week activity to try - build your own theme park! The choice is entirely yours! You are welcome to pick and choose bits of the two or stick to one. We have also updated our 5 steps to well-being activities below for you. 



We hope you have a lovely relaxing sunshine filled weekend. We love seeing all the things you have been doing. We would like to thank you for all your effort over the last few weeks. Homeschooling cannot be easy and we are constantly amazed by what you are all doing. As always we are on email if you need us and would love to see more photos from you all - even just happy smiling ones! 


Hope to see some of you soon! 


Mrs TC and Mrs H 

We have added some new 5 Steps to well-being challenges!


Dear Children and Parents,

We have decided to set you some extra fun challenges which you may wish to complete at any time during the next few weeks. The idea of these challenges is to encourage creativity and social interaction (at a safe social distance of course) to look after our 5 steps to wellbeing.


Connecting challenges:

  • Facetime your friends
  • Call a grandparent or elderly friend to have a chat
  • Write a letter and post it when you can. Alternatively, you could write someone an email.
  • Host your own family quiz – you could use facetime, zoom, google meet or email them the questions
  • Post a picture on our Padlet page or email us a picture. It doesn't have to be work we love to just see your lovely faces!
  • Call a grandparent and ask them about their past and your family history.


Be Active challenges:

  • Go for your one walk of the day! When you go try and take some lovely scenic photographs.
  • Check our Joe Wicks!
  • Make your own PE video in your garden! – Send them in, Mrs Knight would love them and we can share them on the blog.
  • Try some gardening!
  • Grow your own veg, fruit or pretty flowers! – As always send us pictures!
  • Check out an online sports class, maybe try that dance class you always wanted to have a go at.


Take Notice:

  • Take part in some mindfulness meditation – the headspace app is brilliant for this.
  • Do some calming mindfulness colouring, alternatively you can make your own colouring pages.
  • Do some yoga!
  • Have a ‘clear the clutter’ day – find those toys you do not play with anymore and donate them to someone else.
  • Take notice of how your siblings and parents are feeling or acting – help the out
  • Bring nature into your home learning space. You could bring a potted plant into you space or put up some beautiful pictures of nature you have taken on one of your walks.


Give Challenges:

  • Make lunch for your family
  • Do some helpful jobs round the house – maybe tidy that room!
  • Give up some of your time to play a board game together.
  • Write down a list of all the things you are thankful for.
  • Volunteer to do something for a family member you wouldn’t normally do.
  • Write down your favourite recipe – email it to us and post it on our Padlet page.


Keep Learning:

  • Keep working hard on your school work.
  • Research something that interests you to find out more.
  • Try a tutorial online – like Draw with Rob!
  • Try some baking or a new recipe.
  • Watch a TED talk -
  • Do a crossword or Sudoku


We hope this helps you come up with some more ideas of what to do at home during this difficult time. We would love see what you manage to do so keep sending in the lovely photos.


Much love

Mrs TC and Mrs H 😊 x

Week 2!

Wow another brilliant week from the Eagles! 

Year 6 Zoom Quiz questions!

This week the Year 6s had their own Zoom quiz. Each child came up with their own questions and we all had a go! So… we thought we would share them with you to have a go yourself! WARNING some are crazy random and weird!

We hope you enjoy and let us know what you scored! See if you can beat Mrs TCs amazing score of 4/14 and Mrs Holloway’s score of 6/14!

  1. Nika – What was I wearing on the last zoom meeting we had?
  2. Edith – Why do people wear masks at the moment?
  3. Abbie – What is my favourite bit about this lockdown?
  4. Bella – What is the biggest Pyramid of Egypt?
  5. Lyla – How many teeth does an elephant have?
  6. Zsofi –
    1. Who is the oldest person alive and where do they live?
    2. How old was the oldest recorded person before they died and where did they live?
  7. Finley – What is the capital city of Slovakia?
  8. Marley – True or False?: Does the Hoopoe bird throw poo into the eye of its predators?
  9. Sunny – What colour is my pet rabbit?
  10. Edie – What colour is my favourite animal?
  11. Imogen – Why are streetlamps so tall?
  12. Jacob – Riddle –
    1. What has hands but cannot clap?
    2. What has holes but still holds water?
  13. Gautam – What fruit did I love saying in Year 3?
  14. Mrs TC – Who produces the most car tyres in the world?



  1. Nika – a skirt, top and cardigan.
  2. Edith – To feel protected
  3. Abbie – Spending more time with my family
  4. Bella – The great pyramids of Giza
  5. Lyla – 26
  6. Zsofi –
    1. 117! Lives in Japan
    2. 122! Lived in France
  7. Finley – Bratislava
  8. Marley – sadly its false
  9. Sunny – Black and white – It’s called Panda!
  10. Edie – A tiger – Orange and black
  11. Imogen – So the light fills up the area and everyone can see
  12. Jacob – Riddle –
    1. A clock
    2. A sponge
  13. Gautam – Pineapple
  14. Mrs TC – Lego 

Term 5 Week 1

This week our Year 6s held their first zoom chat and we made Rainbows! Check out some of our rainbows below and our learning this week. 


Remember your quiz questions for Thursday Year 6! 

Week beginning 20th April 2020

Welcome back to Term 5! Please see below for a suggested timetable of learning to complete each day. .

Your Wonderful week one!


Well done you completed your first week at home! yes


We have updated the class page with next weeks timetables for you to use. We have also uploaded some new 8 in 4 challenges for you to complete in your maths time. 


To support your 5 steps to well being we have set some extra fun challenges for you that we hope you will enjoy. Check them out on our class page. 


Keep sending us your wonderful photos of all your lovely work. We look forward to seeing more next week and hearing from you all again. 


Stay Safe and have a lovely relaxing sunny weekend! 


Mrs TC and Mrs H


David Walliams Audio Story!


Every day at 11am for the next 30 days David Walliams is releasing a free audio story for kids (and adults) to listen to. This could be a great break from home learning. So grab a cup of tea, put your feet up and relax while you kids are immersed in the wonderful world of storytelling! laugh


You can listen here:

Check out our first day of home learning!

Mrs Holloway and I have had some wonderful pictures sent to us today of your lovely

work at home. 


Keep them coming and stay safe.




Eagles celebration of home learning!


We would love to see and hear about all your wonderful home learning, extra activities and updates to share over the next few weeks.


This page will be dedicated to sharing all the fantastic things you are all doing at home. Weekly timetables and work help will be uploaded onto the Eagles class page. 


Simply email us with pictures and updates you would like to share with everyone and we will upload onto the Eagles blog page. 


Looking forward to seeing all your wonderful work. Stay safe. 


Mrs Tedaldi-Chestnutt and Mrs Holloway 




The Race for Space!

We has a fantastic start to our new school year learning all about SPACE! We made Vitamin C rockets in the playground. 



We had a brilliant day in London visiting the Tate Modern. Check out some of the snaps of the day! 



The Year 6s had a wonderful day last week to celebrate completing their SATs tests. They have all made us incredibly proud of their achievements and were in need of a lovely ice cream treat.

Enjoy the photos!  

We kicked off our new topic ‘The World at War’ with an afternoon in a ‘bunker’ (the PE shed).  We watched clips from WW2 and looked at lots of interesting artefacts from the war.

On Wednesday, the Year 5 children visited Stroud High School where they carried out some scientific experiments in their brand new science block. They had a go at slime-making, buzzer circuits and studied pond life using microscopes.

Anglo Saxon Runes


Check out our secret messages using the Anglo Saxon alphabet.

Take a look at our amazing Anglo Saxon jewellery for this weeks homework!


The Eagles had loads of fun in the snow this morning. They were busy developing their photography skills ready for our Enterprise week. They look forward to selling you some of their photos at the end of the week. Check out the Eagles in action below. 

Attendance Award!

Well done to all the Eagles for winning this weeks attendance award. There has been a HUGE improvement in attendance in Eagles already this term and it is making a massive difference in lessons. Well done Eagles keep it up! 

The Eagles have been busy researching when and why the Anglo-Saxons came to Britain. They worked in groups to do their research and then presented to the rest of the class - great work Eagles!

Let the Battle Commence!

Merry Christmas from the Eagles

Check out the Uplands video page for the Eagles version of the 12 days of Uplands! 


Still image for this video

'We the Curious' Trip 


On Friday, the Eagles had a brilliant trip down to 'We the Curious' in Bristol. Check out our video page for some cool animations. (Photos to follow soon).  

frown Mrs Ponting returns frown


Mrs Ponting has returned to school after her maternity leave and will be working with the Eagles this year. They are all very excited. The Year 5s had her for the morning on Thursday. Check out their wonderful T-Shirt creations below.   

Disgusting Digestion 


Check out some of our digestion videos on the Uplands Video page!

Attendance Award!


Well done to the Eagles this week for winning the attendance cup. 

We can still improve so next we are aiming for 100%! 

Remembrance 100


The Eagles wrote WWI inspired poetry and made poppies to make 100 years of the end of World War I.  

Hall Art


The Eagles have been working really hard with Mrs Walker to update the art hanging in our school hall. They have made an amazing start with these beautiful human body art pieces. Watch this space for more updates! 



Heart Dissection day!


Today the Eagles watched a Heart dissection and sketched what they could see. They were very well behaved and extremely mature which was lovely to see - well done Eagles. 


WARNING - photos will contain images of a pigs Heart 

How our Heart works


The Eagles have been learning all about the Heart in Science this week and have made a video explaining how it works. Check out the Uplands Video Page!

Attendance Winners!

Heart Art!


The Eagles have been busy studying the human heart and creating some fantastic art. 



As part of our topic this term, the children have been researching Banksy and other street artists. This led the children to a piece of art based around SeaWorld. The class then decided to hold a debate on the issue of the Orcas at SeaWorld. They became so passionate about the issue that they have written and sent letters to SeaWorld Orlando and San Antonio. Check out some of the letters on our Wonderful Writing Wall.


The children have now decided to raise money for charities that support Orcas in the wild. They will be holding a craft fair on Friday 13th July at 3:00pm. They have already begun budgeting and making crafts to make as much profit as possible for their chosen charities. Check out some photos below. 


Bristol Art visit

The Eagles had a wonderful time in Bristol creating some brilliant sketches. W managed to find 4 Banksy pieces and many more. All the children also had a go at some photography. Check out some of their work below (all taken by the children). 

Winstones Walk

On Friday, the Year 6s had a lovely (long) walk to Winstones. On the way, they stopped off to find some geocaches and admire the views. Miss Tedaldi and Mrs Day-Lewis had a lovely day an enjoyed a good ice cream. Check out some of our photos from the day. 

Best Class Attendance!


HUGE WELL DONE to the Eagles for winning the attendance award this week.

Greek Drama


Before the Easter break, the Eagles performed some brilliant Green Drama with Mr Wride.

Check out some of the photos below. 

Paralympic Writing

This week we have been watching some of the Paralympics. We have been focussing on the visual impaired downhill skiing. We used different altered goggles to feel what it was like to have a visual impairment. We also did a ski sit to feel what it would be like to ski (as best we could). Check out some of our pictures below!


A few pictures from our trip to Gloucester Rugby

Best Class Attendance.....AGAIN! 


This time the Year 5s have won the best class attendance award! Well done Year 5!

Check out our awesome costumes! 

Mon 5th - Friday 9th February


Please see the whole school blog this week for photographs and news from our 'When I Grow Up' week.

Best Class Attendance!


HUGE WELL DONE to the Year 6s for winning the attendance award this week. 


As the final years of primary school can become a little bit more stressful we have decided to focus on our emotional, physical and social health through Yoga. Check out some of this weeks moves we tried. 

Homework Stars

This terms homework has been fantastic so far. Check it out!

Playmaker Award


This term the Eagles class will be participating in a new award. This award is called the Playmakers Award. This course is fun and exciting way for the Eagles children to develop their leadership skills in a sporting capacity. each week (Monday afternoons) the children look at a different area of leadership including:

  • Participants
  • Area
  • Communication
  • Equipment 

They call this PACE. The overall course is run over several weeks. At the end of the course the children will run a session on their own and be assessed. Once they have completed the course the Eagles children earn a certificate and will run break and lunchtime activities for the younger years. We will also be giving the Year 6s the opportunity to run an activity at Sports Day. The Year 5s will not miss out as they will complete the course again next year. They can also do leadership challenges to be awarded further certificates such as; helping with after school sporting clubs, helping with community sports and many more. 


Check out the Sports Leaders website for a bit more information:



So far the children have begun looking at participants and have really enjoyed it (so has Miss Tedaldi). They have learnt different ways of getting children into groups for activities and started to look at variations of common games such as tag. 


Watch this space for videos and pictures to follow 



8th January 2018


The Eagles have had a brilliant start to the new term. Please note there have been a few changes this term including: 

  • PE Kits are required on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon. 
  • Homework is now due on a Friday


This weeks homework is to design a front cover for their homework books. Remember to watch this space to see who the homework stars will be! 

Eagles Christmas Uplands Gazette

Best class attendance! 


Finally, the Year 6s won the best class attendance award!

Well done Year 6! Keep it up! 

Cyber Bullying Data


A few weeks ago was anti-bullying, where we learnt all about Cyber Bullying and how to use the internet safely. On Wednesday we did a survey which 34 people completed (23 children, 11 adults). Here are the results!


Nearly half of our respondents use social media (47%). 88% of people think they use the internet safely. However, we're not sure that's true because only 79% of people have secretive passwords, and 29% of people chat to strangers online. Shockingly, more than halve of people asked say that they/their kids play overage games.


We were sad to see that 24% of people have been cyber-bullied, and sadder still to find out that 9% of people admit having been a cyber-bully themselves!


As expected 94% of people's children have a device to themselves. 65% of people go on electric stuff for more than 2 hours a day. 26% of people play online games while being supervised.


Whilst we thought that people would spend a lot of time online, we were surprised that so many people play over age games, some people chat to strangers, and that almost a quarter have been cyber bullied. So change those passwords and tell an adult if something goes wrong.


Remember, keep calm and stay safe online!


By Harley, Arjun and Murphy

3...2...1... BLAST OFF


We performed some rocket inspired science using things found at home. Check out our Diet Coke and Mentos rockets and Vitamin C tablet rockets. 


Still image for this video

Solar System maths


Check out some of the photos from our walk to the field. We calculated a scaled measurement of the distance between the planets and accurately measured it out. 

Riddle me this.... 


Check out some of the riddles the Eagles wrote. Can you solve any? 



I'm out of this world

But sometimes I'm not,

My transport is elevated

And my food is dehydrated

I wear a special suit when I go outside

And I take giant footsteps

As I leap and glide.

What am I?


By Beth   



I live in the sky

and I rhyme with Mars

I'm not a planet 

I am the ....


By Alex


Bright lights in the sky and there is one we all know

which if it mixed with rain it causes a rainbow

What am I? 


By Elouise 

25th September


This week the Eagles have worked really hard on their newspaper report writing. Watch this space for reports on Mars!

The Eagles have also discovered why we have days. Check out some photos below. 

Homework Stars


Check out our models!

Homework Stars


Check out our homework stars for this week

Welcome back


Welcome back to the Eagles blog. We have had a very busy week. the Year 6s wrote their buddy letters and the Year 5s wrote some fantastic diaries. 


Check out some of the photos of our space art! 

Eiffel Tower Firework Animations

Still image for this video
As promised...the children's wonderful animations from the art exhibition.

More animations...

Still image for this video

One more...

Still image for this video
Children in year 5 have been working on creating their own magazine which is based around subjects that they find interesting.  Working closely with Mr Wride, the children have produced a wide variety of pieces that are both creative and informative.  The children all hope you enjoy the first edition of the Uplands Gazette which will be followed up in the autumn term with another addition.

Photos below of last week's visit from Mrs Whitefield's brother, who has lived in France for many years and speaks French fluently.  As you can see, the children enjoyed a French breakfast and the Year 6s even got to go down to Merlins to play some French counting games!

Week beginning Mon 19th June


It has been an exciting week in Eagles!  Last Tuesday, Mrs Whitefield arranged for a visitor to come in who has lived in French for over 20 years.  He spoke to the children about life in France, they shared a traditional French breakfast together and tried out their French food vocabulary!  A fantastic experience for the children, which really bought the topic to life.  Photographs to follow...

On Friday, we were lucky enough to be invited to Marling School for a science morning.  They showed us some fantastic science experiments which involved a lot of bangs and flames! Very exciting!  Then the children had chance to carry out their own science investigation to answer the question 'which metal is the most reactive?'  They had to handle scientific equipment, record their results and discuss their conclusions using scientific vocabulary.  It was a great way to find out about the fantastic science experiences they have ahead of them at secondary school and I think it certainly made the year 6's very excited about next year!

Week beginning Mon 12th June


This week we decided to take the children out on to the fields to try-out for district sports.  The events were running, jumping and throwing and the children all had a go with some great results!  It was a beautiful afternoon and lovely to be out in the sunshine.


In maths, the year 5's revised their calculation skills.  In English, some of the children are designing a band and holding a secret gig, whilst others are designing their own theme park!  Happily, on Thursday Mrs Whitefield was back and the children were all really pleased to see her!

Week beginning Mon 5th June


The children have shown real interest in the general election over the last few weeks so we decided to capitalise on this and hold our very own school elections! They split into groups and came up with their own political parties.  Next, they worked on their manifesto - deciding on which issues were most important to them.  We had a whole range of ideas, from astro-turfing the school football pitch and extra playtime, to healthy lunch options and improved IT equipment!  They then set about advertising their party in order to get as many votes as possible. They took some fantastic photos of their party leaders in very serious poses!  Then they made posters, leaflets, potted histories of their leaders and finally wrote their speech for assembly.  Each party had 5 minutes to persuade the rest of the school to vote for them and then Merlins, Owls and Kestrels went to the ballot box!  The result was a resounding win for the Year 6 girls!  It was a great week and I hope it gave the children a real insight in to the general election.

PGL Day 3


We’ve had a really fantastic day enjoying the sun and surf.

The sun has been shining at Beam House and we certainly made the most of our time on the beach this morning with body-boarding. This afternoon, some of us went blindfolded through the woods on a sensory trail and some of us went up the high-ropes. Also, two groups got very muddy on the challenge assault course. This evening, we played Wacky-Races which involved lots of silly games and running around. Looking forward to more surfing tomorrow!

See you tomorrow back at school!!

PGL - Day 2


Well...what a day!  It all began with a trip to the beach where all the children had a go at blokarting, which basically involved them zooming round, going round corners on two wheels and getting blown over - a lot!  This afternoon, we had a number of activities in our groups.  One of the real highlights for us was watching the children on the high ropes - as you can see from the photographs, they really were high and all the children had a go with many of them going all the way round over and over again! What we were most proud of though was how they supported each other through the experience, encouraging each other in need and rushing round to help those who weren't so confident to ensure everyone was able to get the most from the experience.  Another exciting activity was the challenge course - the children loved getting covered in mud almost as much as Miss Tedaldi enjoyed soaking them!




Fantastic first day here at Beam House, the sun has been shining and the children are now settled in their rooms.  We had lunch on the beach and an afternoon playing in the sun.  After dinner, we have had a great evening playing Robot Wars!  We're looking forward to a day on the beach tomorrow.   

Week commencing Tues 8th May


We made it!!! SATs tests are all completed and PGL is just around the corner!  The children are a little excited to say the least...!  Year 6 have all worked incredibly hard this week and all of us here are incredibly proud of each and every one of them.  The year 5s also deserve a mention for working in extreme silence!  They have had a great week completing projects and working with Mr Wride.  The final copy of their secret project is on it's way and will be appearing on the blog this space!


I just wanted to share with you some photos of the year 6 children in their brand new leavers hoodies which we gave them this morning - I'm afraid they are beginning to look like teenagers already (!).  This afternoon, in celebration of their enormous efforts we spent some time enjoying the beautiful sunshine and then finished off with a year 6 cinema show - a well earned treat indeed.