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Tuesday 20th - Friday 23rd February

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Monday 5th - Friday 9th February


Welcome back to our weekly news, we hope you’ve had a great week.


In English, we have been writing our own blogs about pet peeves, things that really drive us crazy! What are your pet peeves?


Year 5s have been reflecting and translating shapes in maths and year 6 have been subtracting mixed fractions from mixed fractions by turning them into improper fractions then subtracting them.  

Other Subjects 

In Art we started (and some finished) our Egyptian art, we created some intricate patterns. We also had a talk from the police today about internet safety and have been working hard on balancing in gymnastics.

That is it from this weeks news.


Bonnie, Nerys and Sidney.


Friday 2nd February

Hello everyone welcome back to another weekly blog. We all hope you had a wonderful week just like us here in Eagles class. Read on for more.


Year 6 

This week the Y5s and Y6s have planned a blog in English about our pet peeves and what annoys us. In maths we have been adding fractions (parents, time to shine coming up for you) What is 1 1/3 + 2 3/4? You are not getting away with this, have a go yourself - the answer is at the end of this blog. 

Year 5 

The Year 5s have been dividing four digit numbers by one digit numbers using short division. 

Other subjects 

In art, we have been practicing Egyptian style patterns and in DT we have being discovering pressurised air systems using syringes and tubes. In Geography, we looked at non-renewable and renewable resources such as solar energy, wind energy, coal energy, geothermal energy and oil energy.

That is it from this weeks news (here is the answer to our maths question, 4 1/12).


Have a great weekend all!


The excellent Nerys Williams!

The amazing Bonnie Stewart!

The incredible Florence Reeve!







Music Enrichment Week


Monday 22nd - Friday 26th January


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Monday 15th - Friday 19th January

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Monday 9th - Friday 12th January


Hello welcome back to this weeks news. We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas πŸŽ„and a Happy New Year πŸ₯³ .

So far this week …


Year 5s have been multiplying two digit numbers by two digit numbers, (who would have thought) they have started a new guided reading book called Emil and The Detectives. And as well as the year 6s they have been studying a poem called Caged Bird by Maya Angelou, making their own versions and trying to learn it off by heart ❀️.


In year six we have been doing protractor work, order of operations and problem solving. We have started a new guided reading book πŸ“• named Strange Star🌟.  

In the afternoons, we have started our new topic learning about The Ancient Egyptians.


That is it from this weeks blog.

Have a great weekend and see you Monday. 

Nerys, Bonnie and Sidney.

Merry Christmas from all of Eagles!

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Monday 11th - Friday 15th December

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Monday 4th - Friday 8th December

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Monday 27th November - Friday 1st December


This week in English, we have been finishing writing our own versions of the Hansel and Gretel stories. We chose to either write updated versions set in the modern world; versions where the characters were swapped around; the back story of the witch; or, alternative endings to the original story. We have been working hard on our presentation with a big focus on joining up our handwriting and spelling.


In maths, Year 6 have been working on calculating missing angles in regular polygons. Year 5 have been looking at prime numbers - tricky stuff!


In history, we wrote a short essay about the Space Race. We included information about Sputnik, animals that were sent up to space, the first humans in space and Apollo 11. 


We have also all been given our parts for the Christmas play. We were allowed to choose whether we wanted a speaking or non-speaking part and have been given our scripts. We now need to learn our lines and remember to bring our script in with us to school every day!


See you next week,


Monday 20th - Friday 24th November

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Aerospace Trip


On Thursday, we visited Areospace in Bristol. We were really lucky to see lots of planes from WW1 as well as old helicopters, submarines, missiles and satellites. Interestingly, we learnt that Concorde went at a speed of 1340mph. It also had only one hundred seats and very small windows - it was pretty awesome!

During our time at the museum, we also took part in a rocket workshop where we made our very own rockets, launched them and talked about different forces including gravity, air-resistance and thrust.


Have a great weekend!

From Sidney, Nerys and Bonnie.

Monday 6th November to Friday 10th November 


Welcome back after the half term holiday.


This week, in science we looked at the different phases of the moon. In maths, year 6 have been busy looking at fractions and how we can compare and order them by size. In year 5, we have been perfecting our addition skills and adding four-digit numbers together.  In English, we looked at how to create subordinating clauses in our sentences and we started a new unit of work on the book Hansel and Gretel by Neil Gaiman.


We had brilliant fun going to the Sub Rooms on Thursday for a talk by the author Maz Evans - Miss Dempster even bought one of her books and got her to sign it!


In PSHE, we talked about friendship and the qualities of a good friend.

Monday 23rd - Friday 27th October

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Rainbow Fun Run!


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Monday 16th - Friday 20th October

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Monday 9th - Friday 13th October

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Check out our Peter Thorpe inspired art!

Monday 2nd October to Friday 6th October


We've had another busy week in Eagles!  In English, we have been working hard on our non-chronological reports about a made up planet. 


In history, we looked at the different animals that have been sent up into space: dogs, monkeys, fruit flies and even a tortoise! We were pleased to discover that some of the animals survived their trip.  In art, we have continued looking at the work of Peter Thorpe.  We've created our own versions of his work using oil pastels.


In French, we have written some very impressive metaphor poems about le soleil and la lune!  Have a read of a few of them below.


Lastly, in science, we worked in teams to do a practical demonstration of how the movement of the Earth creates night and day using a globe, a minifigure and a torch - it was fun!


Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Monday 25th - Friday 29th September

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Monday 18th - Friday 22nd September 

Welcome back to week 3, hope you’ve had a wonderful week (see I added a bit of alliteration) this is what we’ve been doing.


Yr 6 

In year 6 we got our buddies which was really heartwarming when we were all playing on the  playground with them and chasing after a couple of them who are “very” energetic. It’s our new workout. Our year 6 class reading book is called “Crater Lake” and we all love it, right now we are on a cliffhanger and we have to wait until Monday. We really recommend it (that’s one of our spell well words recommend) it’s is a bit creepy but it is very funny and it’s about children on their PGL trip.



In PE we did bench ball which was very fun and we got a bit carried away. Later on in the year we will be doing swimming.


In computing we have been learning how to stay safe online which is a very important lesson.

In DT we have been researching moon buggy’s hopefully being able to make them soon.


Yr 5

The year 5s class book is ‘The Week At Worlds End’.In maths the year 5s have been doing rounding. In guided reading they have been reading and answering questions on The Fastest Boy In The World. Also in English we have been writing the next chapter of Cosmic (our class book). In art we have been learning about Peter Thorpe.


Hope you have a wonderful weekend that’s it from the year 5/6 byeeeeeeeeee!

From Sidney, Nerys and Bonnie















Monday 11th - Friday 15th September

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Welcome back to our blog! We hope you all had a wonderful summer break!

Collaboration Challenge!

Have a wonderful summer holidays everyone, from all of Eagles! πŸ˜ƒ

Lansdown Hall & Gallery 2023


It has been a great week at the Lansdown art gallery, people have been coming in to view it all week and we have had lots of lovely comments- members of the public have even bought some of our art! Take a look at the wonderful art below.


Have a great weekend.

From Noah and Ewan (Roving Reporters)



Monday 3rd - Friday 7th July

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Monday 26th - Friday 30th June


Hello everyone welcome back to Eagles class blog! We have had a very fun-packed week!


We did a whole school Danceathon and the year 5s have been busy doing Bikeability. We also learnt about our bodies changing in PSHE.


The year 6 children have made feathers for a project at Lansdown art gallery with watercolour, tissue-paper, magazines and oil pastels. In DT, we also sewed bags made out of old t-shirts.


The year 5s had a creative morning on Wednesday where an art teacher from Archway came in to do an art lesson with the children; the year 6s also had a year 6 transition talk where they learnt how to put on a tie. 


We also made sculptures inspired by Henry Moore and took them down to Stratford park and took pictures of them for our art work at Lansdown gallery. You’re welcome to come down on Tuesday 11th 5-6.30pm to view our art.


Next week is art week and we’re all really excited!


Have a nice weekend.

From your Roving Reporters Laila and Noah. 



Monday 19th - Friday 23rd June

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Monday 12th - Friday 16th June


In year 5, they have continued to write their own autobiography and in maths they’ve learnt about area in volume; in guided reading they finished Friend or Foe.


In English, the year 6 have been writing a letter based on their class book Holes. In maths the year 6 have also been working hard on plotting coordinates. In guided reading, the year 6 have continued to read strange star.


The weather has been so hot that we decided to take one of our WW2 artefacts outside (a water pump) to cool us down- take a look at the photos below. In DT we’ve continued with our sewing and in PE we played a game of lacrosse and improved our throwing skills.


Today, we had fun raising money for Book Trust on our Pyjamarama Day! We read some books outside, created some illustrations and wrote our own poems - we had great fun!


Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

From Isabelle and Reuben!



Monday 5th - Friday 9th June 


In year 5, the children have been writing their own autobiographies and the year 6 children have been writing their own version of Doctor Who.


In maths the year 6 have been recapping the four operations and year 5 have been multiplying fractions by whole numbers.


In RE we learnt about symbols that are important to Christians (for example, the dove is used to show love and peace).


In PE we have been working hard on attacking and defending in Lacrosse and in geography we have been locating different cities in the United Kingdom. History was also great fun this week as we got to explore some artefacts from WW2- take a look at the photos below. 

Hope you all have a great weekend.


Noah and Laurie - Eagles class.




Monday 22nd - Friday 26th May


This week the year 5s have been subtracting fractions in maths and in English they’ve been writing descriptive sentences about Rose Blanche. In guided reading they’ve continued to read Friend or Foe by Micheal Morpurgo.  


The year 6 children have been working hard on graphs in maths as well as describing monsters in English. In guided reading we have continued to read Strange Star. 


In art we have been doing sculptures with clay based on the work of Henry Moore which was really fun, take a look at the pictures below. In French we have learnt to say places we like and don’t like and in PE we’ve focused on Lacrosse and throwing skills including the fling throw.


As a class, we’re really enjoying our topic and have started writing and essay in history all about the Blitz. 


Have a great weekend and half term.

From Noah and Reuben - year 6.

Even though we weren’t at school for most of the week, we still had the best time at PGL. All of it was amazing but we all particularly loved learning new songs (watch the video below). If you want to have a look at some of our photos from PGL, please check them out on our school Facebook page.


Have a great weekend from Reuben and Tate. β˜€οΈ 


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A massive well done to all the year 6 children who completed SATs this week - we are so proud of you all and we hope you have the best time on PGL!

Endurance Running

Wednesday 3rd - Friday 5th May

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Monday 24th - Friday 28th April


Y5 - In maths the year 5s added fractions and mixed numbers together. In English they finished their spooky πŸ‘» stories. In guided reading they also read about a book called friend or foe.


Y6 - In English we made a scary piece of writing based of a literacy shed short story called Alma. In maths we’ve doing SATs practice papers as well as interpreting and understanding line and bar graphs. 


Altogether in the afternoons we have been learning how to play the game Lacrosse and also athletics, which involved jumping and throwing. As well as this, we have been learning directions to school in French and in PSHE, we learnt about independence and responsibility. In art, we created some WW2 paintings for our display and in RE we looked at the meaning of Christianity. 

We hope you have a nice weekend.


From Laila and Laurie. 



Monday 17th - Friday 21st April

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Happy Easter Everyone!

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We all had a brilliant morning and took part in a whole school Easter egg hunt.

Have a super Easter holiday! 🐣

From all of The Eagles

Monday 20th - Friday 24th March

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In DT, we have been exploring cam movement and have designed our own long boats ready to make next week.

Friday 17th March


Hello everyone!


This week in maths Y6 have been converting units of time and measurement and Y5 have been converting cm into meters.


In English, Y6 been writing a blog and Y5 have been finishing of their dairies on Robert Falcon Scott.


In guided reading, Y6 have continued to read Strange Star and year 5s have been reading Emil and The Detectives.


In PE, we’ve been Bollywood dancing which has been great fun! Take a look at the video below to see our awesome moves!


On Thursday, we also visited Hawkwood where we learnt how to use a compass and completed different challenges whilst we were there. We also got extremely muddy but we had lots of fun as always!


In PSHE, we have been learning how to spend money wisely and have been giving each other advice.


Have a great weekend from Noah and Ewan

Roving Reporters 








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Monday 6th - Friday 10th March

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Monday 27th February - Friday 3rd March


Hi everyone hope you have had a great half term!


This week year 6 have been writing a letter of complaint in English and year 5 children have been doing a debate about whether homework is beneficial for children.


In maths, year six have been doing percentages and decimals and year 5 children have been comparing fractions.

In guided reading, year six have been answering questions about Strange Star and the year five children have been reading Emil and The Detectives. 


In PE, we have been doing dance and gymnastics, as well as a whole school hide and seek on Thursday!

In history we have continued to learn about the Vikings and the Anglo Saxons.


We hope you have a nice weekend!

Ewan and Noah

Roving Reporters

















Monday 13th - Friday 17th February

Enrichment Week


Hope you have had a great week. This week have had an enrichment week and have done a range of activities based on our Big Ideas.


For enrichment week we have been going around in our houses doing activities. In merlins we have been doing painting on our wall and on canvases; in owls we have been trying different diverse food from a range of places; in kestrels we have been learning about relationships with families; in eagles we have been playing Boccia and looking at people with Autism.  

In English, we really enjoyed writing our own kenning poems about changes. We also put all our poems in a book ready to sell. The money will go towards the Turkey and Syria earthquake. 

Have a wonderful half term!

Noah and Ewan (Roving Reporters)