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'A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.'

Marcus Garvey

Watch the video below to see our children explain some of the history units we study at Uplands School.

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One of our favourite units that we study in our KS1 class is that of the Great Fire of London.  The children love learning about this real-life story and what the impact was on our capital city.  We always end our unit by creating a stop motion animation that retells the events.  You can watch some of our past fabulous animations below. 

Diversity in our History Curriculum

Diversity is one of our Big Ideas and, as such, we have ensured that it is threaded throughout our curriculum.  We feel it is important that black history is celebrated across the year.  Below are some of the ways that we have done this.

Retrieval Practice

We aim for our children to retain the knowledge they have learnt in our history lessons.  To support this, we do regular retrieval practice sessions in class.  These sessions are done in a range of ways and can be based on the current topic but also previously learnt topics.  Test your knowledge by trying out one of our quizzes on our Victorian topic below.  Good luck!

End of Unit Outcomes

We have mapped out our history curriculum to ensure the units follow on chronologically and build on previously learnt knowledge.  We also encourage our children to make connections between periods of history and compare them by looking at the similarities and differences.  Below we have set out our end of unit outcomes for each year group. We have picked out the key learning points from each unit that we want all children to remember. These small steps of learning will build towards the end of unit outcome.

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