Uplands Primary School

13th - 17th January

In English this week we have been writing descriptive sentences including similes, adjectives, alliteration and using our senses. We also started to plan a descriptive setting and we are looking forward to get writing next week.


In maths the Y3 children have been adding three-digit numbers and have learnt how to carry using column addition. The Y4 children have been comparing and ordering decimal numbers, it was really tricky!


In science we started planning a fair test and started our own experiment. We will find out next week which drink will make the most damage to each of the eggs. We can't wait to see the results!


In computing we learnt about algorithms and how they work. We then wrote our own instructions for our partners.


We've had a great week and also won the attendance cup! Woo!


Have a good weekend,


From Max and Emily

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