Uplands Primary School

Monday 7th - Friday 11th October

We've had an exciting week and have done lots of learning!


Firstly in maths, we plotted 3 digit and 4 digit numbers on a number line. We also learnt about different types of angles. Right angles, acute and obtuse.


In English we worked hard and wrote up our own newspaper reports about Mount Vesuvius erupting in Pompeii. Next in English, we learnt about expanded noun phrases and prepositions to make our work more interesting. 


In topic, we did a brilliant debate about how the Romans changed Britain and both sides had great ideas. We looked at different things that the Romans made better and worse. Have a look at the pictures to see our super debate!


In PE, we played mini games of netball and practised getting the ball into the nets with over arm throws. It was really fun!


In art, we researched Roman pots and sketched them into our art books. Later on, Dawn Almasi came in and showed us how to make a real clay pot. Next week we are going to make our own. We're all very excited!


In music, we learnt the notes A and B on the recorder and played a tune together as a class.


The best bit of all this week was winning the Attendance Cup! Yay! Go Kestrels!


We hope you all have a great weekend.


Benji and Noah. 

Best Class Attendance!


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