Uplands Primary School

20th - 24th January

We've had another great week in Kestrels!


In English, we have been writing descriptive story settings. We have been working very hard and have made up our own characters on a desert island. We have included senses, adjectives, similes, alliteration and much more! We also learnt how to use apostrophes in our writing.


With Miss Dempster in maths, the Y3 children have been working hard on measuring and the Y4 children have been converting measurements. With Mrs Ponting and Mrs Price, the Y3 children have been learning how to subtract using the column method. The Y4 children have been solving word problems and working on their 7 and 9 times tables. 


We enjoyed computing this week and have learnt how to give a character a set of instructions using Scratch Tutor on the iPads. We also learnt how to add new characters to our program and how to make them move and turn. 


In Science we have been doing an experiment with eggs. We used different types drinks to see how much damage they can do to our teeth. The worse one was coke! We have learnt which drinks are the worse and best for our teeth. 


Have a super weekend!

From Luca and Jamie

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