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W/C 05/07/21

We had such an amazing experience this week- we had a circus skills session with some of the performers from 

It was great fun using the different equipment. The trapeze was certainly the most challenging thing but everyone had a go and gained in confidence as they kept on trying.

This week the children were delighted to finally harvest some of the vegetables that they have been growing. Amazingly, lots of us loved the peppery taste of the radishes!

W/C 14.6.21

I think that all of the children in Merlins Class would agree that we have had the most exciting week ever! On Tuesday we went to Hawkwood College to have a fantastic outdoor classroom experience.

We started with an adjective hunt. In egg boxes we had to find something brown, green, smooth, smelly, spiky and soft.

Next (after a snack!) we made homes for tiny characters. We then used these homes and characters to act out stories. We also made story sticks, using things that we could find.We then had our lunch because we were starving by 11.00!!

After lunch we had another minibeast hunt and went sliding down a steep bank. 

Finally we walked home. hot tired but exhilerated from such an amazing day out. 

We hope to return to Hawkwood very soon!

W/C 7.6.21

It is a brand new term and another brand new topic!! Although we are still thinking about Our Wonderful World, we have said 'goodbye' to the dinosaurs and 'hello' to minibeasts!

Obviously, the only way to start such an exciting topic is to go on a minibeast hunt!

We have also started to change our classroom to help us learn more about minibeasts and our gardens.

W/C 17.5.21

This week started with us going to All Saints Church, Uplands. We were looking for key features of a church and spotted the pulpit, altar, font, organ and lectern.



W/C 10.05.21

This week we have been reading a brilliant book called Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp. It is a book with lots of rhyming words in, so we are working hard to hear rhyme. We have been looking at repeated pattern in maths and really enjoyed looking at how we are the same and different in PSHE. We had a great deal of fun mixing up our faces. Have a look below at the results! 

In between the showers, we have also enjoyed exploring and learning outside!

W/C 26.4.21

We are all so excited to be starting the second week of our topic about dinosaurs! This week we are going to be learning to tell the story of The Little Green Dinosaur. A copy of the story and story map are attached below.

Dinosaur Activities In Our Classroom

W/C 8.3.21

We are back!!! This week our focus is to reconnect and feel happy and comfortable in school. So far this looks like it has been a huge success!

Friday 5th June.

We have had a fantastic first week back, with the children getting used to new routines and lots of new rules- well done everyone for remembering them so well and being so grown up. We have been learning about Coronavirus, microbes in general and the importance of handwashing. We have made giant microbes using dough and carried out an experiment to show how soap removes them. Also, we have been learning about minibeasts. We went on a hunt in the playground, watched videos and followed up with some great writing and art work. Brilliant work, everyone!


Here is the home learning plan for next week and some photos of school and home learning:




Monday 1st June.


Hello everyone,

Hope you had a lovely week and a good rest. We are looking forward to seeing the children.

For those who will not be with us, we will miss you lots and we send our full support. Please ring or email if you have any questions or concerns. The timetable is attached and is almost the same as the school one. However, do feel free to do other things instead if appropriate. Have a great week and we will speak to you on the phone on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon.



Friday 22nd May

Hi everyone,

What a lovely sunny week! Hope you have managed to get out and enjoy it. Thank you for all the photos and for all your hard work to make another great week of home learning. Belated Happy Birthday to Charlie - some of her pictures are birthday ones! Victoria has been designing a chocolate bar as part of a family chocolate project- well done! Fantastic dinosaurs and building, Ari!

Have a lovely break,

Mrs. Gibson and Mrs. Collins.


Friday 15th May.

Hi everyone,

Hope you have had a good week. We would like to thank you all for your huge efforts towards your child's education over the last few weeks. Teaching your own children at home is not an easy task!!!  To lighten the load for next week, we have attached the suggested plan as usual and also some alternative suggestions. You could do one of these instead for some end of term fun:

1. Make some musical instruments from junk. Choose some music you like which has a steady beat. Work towards performing a show, playing, singing and dancing to your music. You could make tickets, posters, set out chairs and  dress up.

2. You could make a play or a show/talent show similarly to above, making tickets, posters, programmes and dressing up.

3. Re-organise your bedroom or toy room. Take out all the things you don't want any more. Organise things into categories e.g. writing box, art box, puppets. Make labels for boxes or cupboards. Hopefully, this will be therapeutic for everyone!



Sharing wonderful home learning this week is Daisy with her symmetry work, Ari with her outdoor writing and playdough making and Victoria with her presentation on dinosaurs- well done all.


Have a great week next week,

Mrs. Gibson and Mrs. Collins.

Thursday 7th May

Hi everyone,

Hope you have had a good week. I think it has helped having the sunshine again.

Sorry, I forgot about tomorrow being bank holiday and planned in activities. Please have a day off!!

Here are the plans for next week and a few pics,

Stay safe, enjoy the weekend,

Mrs. Gibson and Mrs. Collins.

Friday 1st May

Happy May Day, everyone!

Most of you are still doing well with the new timetable and there are wonderful things going on at home. If you have any questions or photos of what you have been doing, send to  The timetable for next week is attached.

Remember, the most important thing is that your child is happy and safe.


Mrs. Gibson and Mrs. Collins.


Friday 24th April.


We are glad that some of you are liking the new timetable and finding the structure useful. Also good is that you are all getting out and enjoying all this lovely sun. We are loving all the pictures you are sending and can see that you are doing so much great stuff at home! There are a couple of pictures to share and the new timetable will be following.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs. Collins and Mrs. Gibson.


Week beginning 20th April 2020

Welcome back to Term 5! Please see below for a suggested timetable of learning to complete each day. If you have any learning that you would like to put on the school or class blog, please email it to .

Week Beginning 30th March 2020


Well Merlins, you have now completed two weeks of learning at home and we are delighted with the pictures and messages that you have sent us! For the next two weeks things are going to change again! It will officially be the Easter holidays and a time for you to have a break from school learning if you need it. We know that for Merlins, the learning never stops, so even if you aren't sitting down and doing formal writing or number work, keep exploring and asking questions. You could go in the garden and look for signs of spring- they are everywhere!

Here are some other things that you could try:

1) Make an Easter egg hunt for your family.

2) Decorate Easter eggs.

3) Use the internet (with an adult) to find out what the Christian festival of Easter is about. 

4) Plant some seeds and watch them grow.

Stay safe and remember, we will soon be back together again!

Mrs Collins and Mrs Gibson


Week Beginning 23rd March 2020


Hello Merlins Class!


Well done for getting through the first week of home learning. We have seen lots of lovely photographs of you enjoying your learning outside in the sunshine. 

We hope that you are managing to do your daily sentence writing. If you need some pictures to give you ideas about what to write about, try . There are lots of amazing pictures and ideas to talk about with your parents.


Have you been visited yet? There are great games to play there which will help you to learn your sounds. 

If you need more books to read, your parents can join this website which has lots of different free reading books on it. 


The game below is a really fun one to play with your parents or a brother or sister. You could print off a copy or draw your own version.


We are really missing you all but are happy that you are safe and well. Be the best you can be and keep onmaking us feel proud!


Best wishes, 

Mrs Collins and Mrs Gibson






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