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"Without music, life would be a mistake."

Friedrich Nietzsche



At Uplands, we believe that practical music-making is key to developing our pupils' lifelong love of music. To ensure good musical progression throughout the school, we use a scheme called Charanga, which systematically builds on pupils knowledge each year with a hands-on approach to learning instruments and notes.  As well as having a weekly Charanga lesson, we also give all our children the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument.  In Owls, everyone learns to play the ocarina; in Kestrels, they have a weekly recorder lesson; and, in Eagles, everyone gets the opportunity to learn to play the ukulele. Our lessons are always fun and practical, as illustrated by this video of a music lesson in Eagles class:


Eagles playing ukeleles

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Eagles class practising glockenspiels

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Music Appreciation


At Uplands, we want music to become part of our children's wider education. Each term, we focus on a different composer or artist; we listen to their music and learn a little about their lives. One of our Big Ideas is diversity and this is reflected in the artists chosen. Through our music appreciation programme, during a child's school career they will listen to and appreciate a range of genres. 

Music appreciation programme

Singing Assembly


Our singing assemblies are a time to celebrate the joy in singing together. We learn songs from a range of genres - sometimes with actions!


Videos from singing assemblies:

Music Assembly


Creating opportunities for our pupils to perform in front of an audience is an integral part of music at Uplands. We have regular Music Assemblies, during which parents and carers are invited in to watch the pupils sing, play instruments and enjoy making music.

Children performing during the Summer 2022 music assembly

Uplands Got Talent


If we can be sure of one thing, it's that Uplands most certainly has Got Talent. Every year, we showcase the children's diverse and often unexpected talents in a brilliant and fantastic show. The older pupils help to organise and produce the show; including managing the music, rehearsing with the younger children and presenting the different acts. Last summer, we saw comedy acts, singing performances, dance routines, dinosaur maths... and choreography on a pogo stick! We can't wait to see the extraordinary talents we will unearth this year.

Uplands Got Talent 2022 performance

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Music Lessons


Music lessons for keyboard take place weekly with Ms Hill in the Hub. Some children can have their music lessons funded by the school.



Uplands has a brilliant school choir! Ms Hill runs a weekly choir practice.

Granular Knowledge

We have mapped our the units of work covered across the school including the key vocabulary introduced each term.

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