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Uplands Primary School

PE and Sport Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

PE Sports Funding 2016-17

Allocation £8460

What are the needs?

  1. Maintain the good standards and time spent on delivery PE to children, including after school clubs, so that children are better prepared to reach their potential.
  2. To ensure that this is sustainable by employing and training our own Uplands PE specialist.
  3. Increase the breadth of the curriculum so that more able children do more sport, including competitive sports, within school and with other schools locally, leading to healthier lifestyles
  4. Buy a new PE Scheme of work to enable us to deliver quality PE in the longer term
  5. Embed children’s learning behaviours and sporting mind-set so that they are highly ambitious and know strategies to help them achieve their goals, through the Genius Hour

What have we spent it on?

  1. Employ an expert PE teacher(s) to deliver ½ day per week of PE, and after school clubs, to the children, focusing on two PE skills per week. Includes 3 after-school clubs to coincide with local tournaments, often working with teachers to build their skills and confidence - £3000 per year
  2. Bought new scheme of work for PE and sent new PE specialist member of staff on courses - £3000 per year
  3. Engage in more competitive matches/tournaments over the year - £1000 to cover teaching supply costs per year
  4. Learning Powers have been used as part of our focus on the Genius Hour, embedding these into our curriculum and teaching across the school - £1000
  5. Enhance the school’s outdoor play area and sporting resources, including netball posts and bibs - £1000


All of this will be reviewed and evaluated by Governors in the Autumn of 2017/18 and added to the website.

Review of 2015/16

  1. Improved quality and time dedicated to PE by:
    1. Each class still gets nearly 3 hours of PE per week. Each class has a whole afternoon dedicated to PE, either a swimming session or one of the two PE specialist sessions. This has doubled from before the PE Funding
    2. Reviewing standards in PE as part of the 2-year cycle by subject leaders in school
    3. The most recent Governor monitoring revealed that all the children felt that there was sufficient time allocation to PE during the week (up from 53% in 2012) and felt that the ongoing delivery of after-school sports clubs was a real benefit to them and the school
  2. Increased the participation of PE, especially competitive games and for the more able, by:
    1. Take-up of after-school clubs and numbers of clubs has been maintained from the previous year with over 50% of children in school now attending an after school sporting club which has included: athletics, tennis, tag-rugby, running, football, rounders, Zumba and dance
    2. Competitive sports program has been maintained, with a particular increase of younger children, including KS1 and lower KS2, competing in sporting competitions
    3. Parental survey results demonstrate that 98% of parents feel that the school is helping their child have a healthy lifestyle
    4. G&T offer has been maintained for competitive sporting opportunity from previous year
    5. In the most recent Governor monitoring visit, the children said that they really enjoy competitions with other schools and are proud to represent Uplands. In particular, the children felt that this approach:
  3. Improved the quality of bibs and strips in competitive matches
    1. Children feel proud of wearing new kits and playing in competitive events – see above
  4. Improved the CPD opportunities for teachers by:
    1. Lesson observations during the Summer 2015 by PE lead on PE specialist. Actions identified. Judgements at least good. PE lead
    2. PE Lead has attended conferences on best practice. This demonstrates a commitment to embedding excellent practice in our school

Examples of work/support

  • BIG books from Genius enrichment week
  • BIG books of PE and sporting success
  • Lesson observations summaries from PE observations
  • Pupil surveys and conferences, Governor monitoring
  • PE action plan and quadrant by PE subject lead







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