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Week Commencing 20th November 2017



We will use the sounds we know and apply them in our writing. Please support your child at home using the letter formation sheets and phonic flash cards.


New sounds - r u j w z



2d/3d shapes


Other activities

Bulb planting, dancing in PE, testing different materials, fine motor development and much more!


We will also talk about our houses next week and then design our own. If you have a photograph of your house please send it in with your child to share during our circle time.


Have a lovely weekend!


Lauren Ponting

13th November 2017

13th November 2017 1 We learnt the story of The Three Little Pigs
13th November 2017 2 We used actions to help sequence to story
13th November 2017 3
13th November 2017 4
13th November 2017 5
13th November 2017 6
13th November 2017 7
13th November 2017 8
13th November 2017 9 We made houses for the three little pigs
13th November 2017 10
13th November 2017 11
13th November 2017 12
13th November 2017 13
13th November 2017 14 Counting focus in maths
13th November 2017 15 We played 'What's the time Mr Wolf'
13th November 2017 16
13th November 2017 17
13th November 2017 18 Balancing in PE
13th November 2017 19
13th November 2017 20 We painted our own characters on the computer
13th November 2017 21
13th November 2017 22 Paramedic Nick visited us with his ambulance
13th November 2017 23 He told us about his job and how he helps people
13th November 2017 24
13th November 2017 25

Week Commencing 13th November 2017



We will read the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' and learn actions to help retell the story.



New sounds - f v k l

Tricky words - go into



Counting groups of objects

Finding 1 more and 1 less


Other Activities

House construction for the three little pigs, play dough gym, exploring the iPads, show and tell, dancing in PE and much more!


Have a lovely weekend,


Lauren Ponting

6th November 2017

6th November 2017 1 Autumn walk to Stratford Park with Owls!
6th November 2017 2
6th November 2017 3
6th November 2017 4
6th November 2017 5
6th November 2017 6
6th November 2017 7
6th November 2017 8
6th November 2017 9
6th November 2017 10
6th November 2017 11 We collected lots of different coloured leaves!
6th November 2017 12
6th November 2017 13
6th November 2017 14
6th November 2017 15
6th November 2017 16
6th November 2017 17
6th November 2017 18 We did leaf printing back at school
6th November 2017 19
6th November 2017 20
6th November 2017 21 Friendship focus - lots of teamwork!
6th November 2017 22
6th November 2017 23
6th November 2017 24
6th November 2017 25
6th November 2017 26
6th November 2017 27
6th November 2017 28
6th November 2017 29
6th November 2017 30 We made friendship bracelets for our friends
6th November 2017 31
6th November 2017 32
6th November 2017 33
6th November 2017 34 PSCO Underwood came in to talk about her job

Week Commencing 6th November 2017


For the first part of next week, we will focus on friendships and talk about what makes a good friend. Activities will include team building games, friendship bracelet making, painting and talking about friends in the story of 'The Snail and the Whale' by Julia Donaldson.


PSCO Underwood will also be visiting us to talk about how she helps people and road safety.


On Wednesday morning we will be going on an autumn walk to Stratford Park with Owls class. Please let us know if you can help. We will be leaving straight away and will be back at school before lunch - thank you.



New sounds - g h d e

Tricky words - to no


Thank you for your support,


Lauren Ponting


30th October 2017

30th October 2017 1 People who help us!
30th October 2017 2
30th October 2017 3
30th October 2017 4
30th October 2017 5
30th October 2017 6
30th October 2017 7
30th October 2017 8
30th October 2017 9
30th October 2017 10
30th October 2017 11
30th October 2017 12
30th October 2017 13
30th October 2017 14 Halloween printing
30th October 2017 15
30th October 2017 16 Builder Lloyd came in to talk about his job
30th October 2017 17 We loved using the different tools!
30th October 2017 18
30th October 2017 19
30th October 2017 20
30th October 2017 21
30th October 2017 22
30th October 2017 23
30th October 2017 24
30th October 2017 25
30th October 2017 26
30th October 2017 27
30th October 2017 28
30th October 2017 29
30th October 2017 30
30th October 2017 31
30th October 2017 32
30th October 2017 33 Firework painting
30th October 2017 34 Balancing in PE
30th October 2017 35
30th October 2017 36
30th October 2017 37
30th October 2017 38 2d shape work
30th October 2017 39
30th October 2017 40


We have had a great first term of learning in the Merlins and are now in need of a good rest!


Our topic after half term will be 'People Who Help Us'. If you know of anyone who has a job which involves helping people please let us know - thank you.


Have a fantastic half term!


Lauren Ponting 




16th October 2017

16th October 2017 1 We made our own obstacle courses!
16th October 2017 2 We talked about positional language
16th October 2017 3 Welly printing
16th October 2017 4
16th October 2017 5 PE
16th October 2017 6 We painted our own bears!
16th October 2017 7 We used some brilliant describing words!
16th October 2017 8
16th October 2017 9
16th October 2017 10
16th October 2017 11
16th October 2017 12
16th October 2017 13
16th October 2017 14
16th October 2017 15
16th October 2017 16
16th October 2017 17
16th October 2017 18
16th October 2017 19
16th October 2017 20
16th October 2017 21
16th October 2017 22

Week Commencing 16th October 2017



We will focus on describing words from The Bear Hunt story. Our new sounds next week will be i, n and m. Please practise the phonic flash cards at home daily.



Positional language


Other activities

Play dough gym, bear painting, obstacle course building, moving in different ways in PE, show and tell and much more!


Show and Tell

Show and tell sessions will be every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. We encourage children to bring something in from home to share with the class, it can be anything! These sessions have a big impact on their communication, language and listening skills. Please see below for your child's day.


Tuesday - Sinead, Lily, Isobella, Sidney, Ella, Kiah, McKenzie, Albie

Wednesday - Abi, Charlie, Florence, Bonnie, Daisy, Nerys, Dexter, Charlie W


Have a great weekend!


Lauren Ponting

9th October 2017

9th October 2017 1
9th October 2017 2
9th October 2017 3 We made our own bear cave and worked as a team!
9th October 2017 4
9th October 2017 5
9th October 2017 6 We learnt 'The Bear Hunt' story using actions
9th October 2017 7
9th October 2017 8 We dressed up as explorers!
9th October 2017 9
9th October 2017 10
9th October 2017 11
9th October 2017 12 We added instruments to the story
9th October 2017 13
9th October 2017 14 Lightsaber writing!
9th October 2017 15
9th October 2017 16
9th October 2017 17
9th October 2017 18 Number work in maths!
9th October 2017 19
9th October 2017 20
9th October 2017 21
9th October 2017 22
9th October 2017 23 We moved in lots of different ways in PE
9th October 2017 24

Week Commencing 9th October 2017



We're Going on a Bear Hunt story!



We will learn the sounds s, a, t and p. Please support your child at home by practising the phonic flash cards daily.



Recognising, ordering and matching numerals to quantities.


Other activities

Explorer role play, welly printing, fine motor development and moving in different ways in PE.


The children start all day next week so pick up time will be 3.20pm.


Thank you for your support


Lauren Ponting

2nd October 2017

2nd October 2017 1 Lots of lovely independent writing!
2nd October 2017 2
2nd October 2017 3
2nd October 2017 4
2nd October 2017 5 Moving in different ways in PE
2nd October 2017 6
2nd October 2017 7
2nd October 2017 8
2nd October 2017 9 We looked for shapes around our school
2nd October 2017 10
2nd October 2017 11
2nd October 2017 12
2nd October 2017 13 We found lots of shapes on our shape hunt!
2nd October 2017 14
2nd October 2017 15
2nd October 2017 16
2nd October 2017 17
2nd October 2017 18
2nd October 2017 19 We drew around our body parts
2nd October 2017 20
2nd October 2017 21
2nd October 2017 22
2nd October 2017 23
2nd October 2017 24 We talked about our bodies
2nd October 2017 25 We drew around each other with chalk
2nd October 2017 26
2nd October 2017 27
2nd October 2017 28
2nd October 2017 29

Week commencing 2nd October 2017



We will read the story Funnybones and talk about our bodies/changes. Please send in a picture of your child as a baby so they can talk about how they have changed.



2D shape focus


Other activities

Play dough gym, listening games, exploring movement in PE and much more!



The phonics talk will start after lunch on Monday (2nd October). Your child can go home with you once it has finished. Pick up time for the rest of the week will be 1.15pm.


Thank you for your support

Lauren Ponting

25th September 2017

25th September 2017 1 We talked about happy feelings as a class
25th September 2017 2 Our sad face :-(
25th September 2017 3 Our worried face
25th September 2017 4 Our sleepy face
25th September 2017 5
25th September 2017 6
25th September 2017 7
25th September 2017 8
25th September 2017 9
25th September 2017 10
25th September 2017 11
25th September 2017 12 Big writing in the hall
25th September 2017 13
25th September 2017 14 We used lightsabers to make big movements
25th September 2017 15
25th September 2017 16
25th September 2017 17
25th September 2017 18
25th September 2017 19
25th September 2017 20
25th September 2017 21
25th September 2017 22
25th September 2017 23
25th September 2017 24 Parachute games in PE
25th September 2017 25
25th September 2017 26
25th September 2017 27
25th September 2017 28
25th September 2017 29
25th September 2017 30
25th September 2017 31
25th September 2017 32
25th September 2017 33

Week commencing 25th September 2017


Next week we will focus on friendship. We will talk about what makes a good friend and read 'The Rainbow Fish' story as a whole class. We will also respond creatively to the story and collage our own fish for a classroom display.


In maths we will count objects and sing lots of number songs to support our learning.


The children will continue to explore and try out different areas of the classroom during their child initiated play.  


Have a great weekend


Lauren Ponting

18th September 2017

18th September 2017 1 Exploring sounds using instruments
18th September 2017 2
18th September 2017 3
18th September 2017 4
18th September 2017 5 Exploring space outside in the playground
18th September 2017 6
18th September 2017 7
18th September 2017 8
18th September 2017 9
18th September 2017 10
18th September 2017 11
18th September 2017 12
18th September 2017 13
18th September 2017 14
18th September 2017 15
18th September 2017 16
18th September 2017 17
18th September 2017 18
18th September 2017 19
18th September 2017 20
18th September 2017 21 Pre-writing activities outside
18th September 2017 22 We used streamers to make circular movements
18th September 2017 23
18th September 2017 24 We used chalk to draw lines and circles
18th September 2017 25
18th September 2017 26
18th September 2017 27 Number recognition in the water tray
18th September 2017 28
18th September 2017 29
18th September 2017 30
18th September 2017 31 We went on a sound walk around the school
18th September 2017 32
18th September 2017 33

Week commencing 18th September 2017


Next week the children will explore lots of pre-writing activities to develop their gross motor skills. We will also have a focus on numbers from 1-5 and beyond and sing songs to support our learning.


Reading books and diaries will be introduced next week. Please look through the pictures and discuss the story together at least three times a week.


As the children are becoming more confident, we would kindly ask if you could encourage your child to come in on their own in the mornings to put their things away. Your support would be greatly appreciated and would also help hugely with their independence.


Thank you for your support, have a lovely weekend.


Lauren Ponting


This week the children were very excited to meet their buddies in year 6! They had chance to play with their buddies and get to know them more. Take a look at our photos from the week.

A great first week in the Merlins!

A great first week in the Merlins! 1
A great first week in the Merlins! 2
A great first week in the Merlins! 3
A great first week in the Merlins! 4
A great first week in the Merlins! 5
A great first week in the Merlins! 6
A great first week in the Merlins! 7
A great first week in the Merlins! 8
A great first week in the Merlins! 9
A great first week in the Merlins! 10
A great first week in the Merlins! 11
A great first week in the Merlins! 12
A great first week in the Merlins! 13
A great first week in the Merlins! 14
A great first week in the Merlins! 15
A great first week in the Merlins! 16
A great first week in the Merlins! 17
A great first week in the Merlins! 18
A great first week in the Merlins! 19
A great first week in the Merlins! 20
A great first week in the Merlins! 21

Thank you for all your support over the year.

Have a wonderful summer!



Week commencing 17th July 2017



Next week is the last week of term so please send your child in with a large carrier bag for all their work to go home in. Reading books will not be sent home next week so no book bags please. If you have any reading books at home please bring them back before the end of term - thank you.


On Thursday, we will have a bring and share morning where the children can bring in their favourite toy, puzzle or game to share with their friends.


School will finish at 2pm next Friday.


Have a lovely weekend

Lauren Ponting

The children have created some amazing art in their teams this week! Please come along to view the children's work at Lansdown Hall and Art Gallery on Tuesday 18th July 5pm - 7.30pm.

Week commencing 10th July 2017

Art Enrichment Week!


The children will be doing lots of art in their teams and will be moving around the classrooms for different workshops to create work for our exhibition. The children will also be doing singing, dance and drama!


Transition day will be next Thursday. The children will get to move up to Owls class and meet their new teacher Miss W-S (Warren-Swettenham).


Have a lovely weekend

Lauren Ponting



Sports Day - Wednesday 5th July


Please send your child in wearing their PE kit and a team coloured top. See below for your child's team colour.


Blue - James, Reuben, Hollie, Jamie, Lucy

Green - Tate, Emeli, Max, Laila

Red - Bence, Noah, Isabelle

Yellow - Eva-Grace, Koen, Laurie, Ewan


Please join us back at school after Sports Day for a picnic in the playground. The children have ordered a pack lunch from school for Wednesday.  


Have a lovely weekend

Lauren Ponting


26th June

26th June 1 We went to Tesco to buy ingredients
26th June 2
26th June 3
26th June 4
26th June 5
26th June 6
26th June 7
26th June 8
26th June 9 We made fruit kebabs and smoothies
26th June 10
26th June 11
26th June 12
26th June 13 Our very own pop up shop!
26th June 14
26th June 15
26th June 16
26th June 17
26th June 18
26th June 19 In maths we talked about the value of coins
26th June 20
26th June 21
26th June 22
26th June 23
26th June 24 We watched our butterflies hatch
26th June 25 We released our beautiful butterflies!
26th June 26
26th June 27
26th June 28

Week commencing 26th June 2017



Shopping list writing



Money (sorting, recognising and talking about the value of coins)


Next Thursday, we plan to walk to Tesco to buy fruit from the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar to make smoothies with back at school. Please let us know if you can come along as a helper. We will leave at 9.45am and be back before lunch.


Other activities include stick puppet craft, caring for our caterpillars, finger painting, minibeast explorer role play, sports day practise and much more!


Have a lovely weekend

Lauren Ponting

19th June

19th June 1 Symmetry work in maths
19th June 2
19th June 3
19th June 4
19th June 5
19th June 6
19th June 7
19th June 8
19th June 9
19th June 10
19th June 11
19th June 12
19th June 13
19th June 14
19th June 15
19th June 16
19th June 17
19th June 18
19th June 19
19th June 20
19th June 21
19th June 22 Caring for our caterpillars
19th June 23
19th June 24 Butterfly printing
19th June 25
19th June 26 We tasted food from The Very Hungry Caterpillar
19th June 27 We made our own cocoons!
19th June 28 We talked about changes
19th June 29

Week commencing 19th June 2017



Story sequencing (The Very Hungry Caterpillar)


Tricky words

out   what  



Symmetrical patterns 


Bristol Zoo (Monday 19th June)

Please apply sun cream before school and provide your child with a small bag, water bottle and snack. Lunches have already been ordered from school.


Have a lovely weekend 

Lauren Ponting

12th June 2017

12th June 2017 1 Independent writing
12th June 2017 2
12th June 2017 3
12th June 2017 4
12th June 2017 5 Potato digging!
12th June 2017 6
12th June 2017 7
12th June 2017 8 We added mint from our herb garden
12th June 2017 9
12th June 2017 10 We enjoyed eating them!
12th June 2017 11 Minibeast hunt
12th June 2017 12 List writing
12th June 2017 13 Number doubling
12th June 2017 14
12th June 2017 15
12th June 2017 16 Letter formation
12th June 2017 17
12th June 2017 18 Lloyd brought in some slow worms
12th June 2017 19 Miniature garden making
12th June 2017 20
12th June 2017 21
12th June 2017 22
12th June 2017 23
12th June 2017 24
12th June 2017 25
12th June 2017 26
12th June 2017 27
12th June 2017 28
12th June 2017 29
12th June 2017 30
12th June 2017 31
12th June 2017 32
12th June 2017 33
12th June 2017 34
12th June 2017 35
12th June 2017 36
12th June 2017 37
12th June 2017 38
12th June 2017 39
12th June 2017 40 Caring for our class caterpillars

Week commencing 12th June 2017



List writing


Tricky words

do  when





Other activities include whole class guided reading (The Giant Jan Sandwich), bug den role play, caring for minibeasts and designing/making a miniature garden. 


Next Thursday, the children will design and make their own miniature garden. Please could you provide them with:

- A small container or box (a shallow tray or lined shoe box will work)

- Things to put in the garden (twigs, plants, flowers etc)

- Any decorations (toys/pebbles) 


Please remember to bring the Bristol Zoo trip slips back on Monday. 


Thank you for your support 

Lauren Ponting

 Welcome back! Hope you all had a lovely half term!


Week commencing 6th June 2017



We will read the story of The Snail and the Whale  by Julia Donaldson and talk about different rhyming words.



Collect and record data on a bug hunt


Other activities include observational drawing drawings of snails, collage, bug den role play and asking questions about mini beasts. 


The WOW vouchers this week are to be awarded for any technology used around the home. 


Have a great week

Lauren Ponting



Show and tell

Show and tell days have changed for the summer term - please see below for your child's day. 


Tuesday – Eva-Grace, Bence, Noah, Koen, Lucy, Tate, James, Laurie

Wednesday – Hollie, Reuben, Jamie, Laila, Isabelle, Emeli, Max, Ewan


The children have loved our animal topic so far! After half term we will continue with their interest and explore minibeasts!


Have a lovely break and thank you for your support.


Lauren Ponting 

trim.4F265326-49AA-4D12-AADA-4814568F10E1 (2).MOV

Still image for this video
We had so much fun making volcanoes with our friends. We added food colouring, baking powder and vinegar then watched the volcanoes bubble and fizz!

22nd May 2017

22nd May 2017 1 Volcano making!
22nd May 2017 2
22nd May 2017 3
22nd May 2017 4
22nd May 2017 5
22nd May 2017 6
22nd May 2017 7
22nd May 2017 8
22nd May 2017 9
22nd May 2017 10
22nd May 2017 11
22nd May 2017 12
22nd May 2017 13
22nd May 2017 14 Labelling and sentence writing
22nd May 2017 15
22nd May 2017 16
22nd May 2017 17 We planted flowers in the playground
22nd May 2017 18
22nd May 2017 19
22nd May 2017 20
22nd May 2017 21 Estimating in maths
22nd May 2017 22
22nd May 2017 23
22nd May 2017 24 Measuring and ordering
22nd May 2017 25

Week commencing 22nd May 2017



Sentence writing





Other activities include volcano making, explorer role play, dinosaur painting and much more!


Merlins Sharing Time

This is a chance for the children to share all their wonderful work from this term. Please come along to Merlins class from 3pm this Thursday (25th May).


Have a lovely week

Lauren Ponting

15th May 2017

15th May 2017 1 Writing secret messages in bottles!
15th May 2017 2 Exploring some mysterious dinosaur eggs!
15th May 2017 3
15th May 2017 4 This week we were dinosaur mad!
15th May 2017 5 Measuring in maths
15th May 2017 6
15th May 2017 7
15th May 2017 8
15th May 2017 9
15th May 2017 10
15th May 2017 11
15th May 2017 12
15th May 2017 13
15th May 2017 14
15th May 2017 15
15th May 2017 16
15th May 2017 17
15th May 2017 18 Explorer role play hut
15th May 2017 19 We explored fossils then made our own with clay
15th May 2017 20
15th May 2017 21 Free flow time with Owls class
15th May 2017 22
15th May 2017 23
15th May 2017 24

We had so much fun celebrating our love for reading! We had a big breakfast read, dressed up as our favourite book character, decorated potatoes and made reading dens!

Week commencing 15th May 2017



In literacy, we will be applying the sounds we know to write signs and letters.


Tricky words

one  little 





We Love Reading Day (Monday 15th May)

Come dressed as your favourite book character to celebrate our reading day and join us for a breakfast read in the morning.


Other activities include explorer hut role play, dinosaur dig, exploring fossils and creating our own.


Thank you for your support,

Lauren Ponting

8th May

8th May 1 We described animals to our friends
8th May 2
8th May 3
8th May 4
8th May 5
8th May 6 We watered our sunflowers
8th May 7
8th May 8
8th May 9
8th May 10 Elephant collaging
8th May 11
8th May 12
8th May 13 Super subtraction this week!
8th May 14
8th May 15
8th May 16
8th May 17
8th May 18 We explored magnetic and non-magnetic materials
8th May 19
8th May 20
8th May 21
8th May 22
8th May 23
8th May 24 Amazing making during Genius Hour!
8th May 25
8th May 26
8th May 27
8th May 28
8th May 29 We loved using our new outdoor writing cart!
8th May 30
8th May 31
8th May 32

Week commencing 8th May 2017





Tricky words

were  there



Adding and subtracting


Other activities on offer include explorer role play, animal mask painting, exploring magnetic and non magnetic materials and team games in PE. We will also read the story of Elmer and make our own elephants using milk cartons. Please save any over the weekend if you can. Thank you!


Have a lovely weekend

Lauren Ponting

A big thank you to Dan and Lizzie Giles. We had such a lovely morning at Folly Acres!

Folly Acres 4th May

2nd May

2nd May  1
2nd May  2 Bird feeder making
2nd May  3
2nd May  4
2nd May  5
2nd May  6
2nd May  7 Sorting different materials
2nd May  8
2nd May  9
2nd May  10 We gave instructions and used bossy words!
2nd May  11
2nd May  12
2nd May  13
2nd May  14 Instruction writing
2nd May  15 Lucy and Bence made a bird house!
2nd May  16
2nd May  17 Lots of super adding!
2nd May  18
2nd May  19
2nd May  20
2nd May  21
2nd May  22
2nd May  23
2nd May  24
2nd May  25 PE outside in the sunshine!
2nd May  26
2nd May  27
2nd May  28
2nd May  29
2nd May  30 Fantastic letter formation!

Merlins on Safari!

Merlins on Safari! 1

Week commencing 2nd May 2017



Instruction writing


Tricky words

some  come





Thursday 4th May

With a focus on our new topic 'Merlins on Safari' we are going for a local walk to Folly Acres next Thursday morning. Activities will include: sunflower planting, bird watching, feeding chickens and collecting eggs.


Please let me know if you can come along as a helper.


Have a lovely weekend

Lauren Ponting

24th April 2017

24th April 2017 1 We worked as a team to make a safari jeep!
24th April 2017 2
24th April 2017 3
24th April 2017 4 We worked with a partner to create a collage
24th April 2017 5
24th April 2017 6
24th April 2017 7
24th April 2017 8
24th April 2017 9 Amazing animals collaged by the Merlins
24th April 2017 10 Tricky word target throwing practise
24th April 2017 11 Independent writing outside
24th April 2017 12
24th April 2017 13
24th April 2017 14 We found out facts about different animals
24th April 2017 15
24th April 2017 16 We made homes for animals
24th April 2017 17 Play pod day with our buddies!
24th April 2017 18
24th April 2017 19 Hollie brought in her pet rabbit Bugsy!
24th April 2017 20
24th April 2017 21 Laila brought in her hamster Tom for our pet day!
24th April 2017 22
24th April 2017 23
24th April 2017 24
24th April 2017 25
24th April 2017 26
24th April 2017 27
24th April 2017 28
24th April 2017 29
24th April 2017 30 We decided to make a home for Tom the hamster
24th April 2017 31
24th April 2017 32

Week commencing 24th April 2017

Welcome back! Hope you had a lovely Easter!



Fact/fiction books


Tricky words

have  like



Collecting and recording data


Other activities

Animal collage, creating a farm role play area, using iPads to find out information and developing movement skills through games in PE!


Bring your pet to school!

As our topic this term is all about animals, we will be holding pet days where the children can bring their pet in to meet their friends on either Thursday or Friday this week (27th/28th). Please see me if you would like to bring your pet in. If this is not possible then a photo would be great!


Thank you for your support,

Lauren Ponting

Term 5/6 topic

Merlins on Safari!

We will learn about farm animals, jungle/rainforest animals and minibeasts!


Thank you for all your support and have a lovely Easter!


Lauren Ponting

Stratford Park Museum - 6th April

Stratford Park Museum - 6th April 1
Stratford Park Museum - 6th April 2
Stratford Park Museum - 6th April 3
Stratford Park Museum - 6th April 4
Stratford Park Museum - 6th April 5
Stratford Park Museum - 6th April 6
Stratford Park Museum - 6th April 7
Stratford Park Museum - 6th April 8
Stratford Park Museum - 6th April 9
Stratford Park Museum - 6th April 10
Stratford Park Museum - 6th April 11
Stratford Park Museum - 6th April 12
Stratford Park Museum - 6th April 13
Stratford Park Museum - 6th April 14
Stratford Park Museum - 6th April 15

Tesco Easter Trail - 4th April

Tesco Easter Trail - 4th April 1 We talked about why we celebrate Easter
Tesco Easter Trail - 4th April 2
Tesco Easter Trail - 4th April 3
Tesco Easter Trail - 4th April 4
Tesco Easter Trail - 4th April 5 Hot cross bun making!
Tesco Easter Trail - 4th April 6
Tesco Easter Trail - 4th April 7
Tesco Easter Trail - 4th April 8
Tesco Easter Trail - 4th April 9 We tasted sultanas, raisins and currants
Tesco Easter Trail - 4th April 10
Tesco Easter Trail - 4th April 11 Easter egg decorating!
Tesco Easter Trail - 4th April 12 We put a cross on top of the buns
Tesco Easter Trail - 4th April 13
Tesco Easter Trail - 4th April 14
Tesco Easter Trail - 4th April 15
Tesco Easter Trail - 4th April 16 We then put them in the oven to cook
Tesco Easter Trail - 4th April 17 They were very yummy!
Tesco Easter Trail - 4th April 18