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THANK YOU for a absolutely wonderful year full of learning and laughs. I have had a brilliant year with the children. Everyday the children make me incredibly proud with all their achievements. They never fail to make me smile and laugh out loud. It is safe to say I have the best job!


To say thank you I wanted to share some of my favourite memories of the year with you all.  Enjoy frown



And the winner is.....


Mark Hendzel


Congratulations. Your prize will be sent home on Monday!



As part of homework this week the children created quiz questions. All questions are based around our topic theme. They then decided to create a class quiz using their questions for the parents to answer and submit.


So please have a go and submit your answers to: 



The children have requested that you don't cheat! So no Google and no asking them for the answers! 


The winner will be announced 7th July on the Kestrels blog and will receive a tasty prize! (In the event of a tie in scores the person who submitted the quickest will win)



1. How many airports are there in Brazil?

2. How many times could you fit the UK and Ireland into the Amazon Rainforest?

3. What is the population of Brazil? 

4. True or False the Inca Empire used arm bones to make flutes?

5. How many countries are in South America?

6. Name the animal from the Rainforest that has a floppy nose.

7. What is the size of South America in km2?

8. How long is the Amazon River in km?

9. What is the name of the famous beach in Rio?

10. What is the name of shack town in Rio? 


Good Luck!!




Bristol Zoo!


This week we have written recounts about the trip trying really hard to describe everything throughout the day. Check our some of our amazing photos from the trip.

Amazon appetites!

This week was food week. We had a week of trying all different new and exotic foods.

On Tuesday we made smoothies using different fruits found in the Rainforest.  They were:

Strawberries, bananas and orange juice (nice easy one)

Papaya, guava juice and acai berries

Mango, passion-fruit juice and coconut water



On Thursday we then tried the individual flavours of different fruits. We learnt how to safely crack open a coconut (Miss Tedaldi hit it with a hammer) and an avocado. We tried:


Coconut water







Brazil nuts

Acai berries


The class favourite was pomegranate and the least favourite was avocado. We then wrote about our tasting experience describe what it tasted like and which was our favourite and why.


On Friday it was baking day! We tried all the different bakes first (lovingly made by Mrs Day-Lewis) before splitting into groups to make some. We used all different ingredients that you would find in the Rainforest.


With Thursday’s leftovers Mrs Day-Lewis had made some coconut bites (which we then loved). She also made some delicious chocolate smoothies and chocolate mud pie. What we didn’t know is that they contained avocado in them but most of the class enjoyed it!


We then made:

Quinoa muffins

Brazil nut bites

Cricket flour brownies (yes that’s right Cricket flour)



Check out all the photos and videos from the week below. There are also the recipes of the bakes if you would like to try them at home.

Homework Stars


Homework this week was to write a diary based on life in either the Rainforest or a Favela house. Check out some of the stars. 

Kestrels Carnaval

We have been learning about the famous Rio Carnaval this week. We had a dance to some Carnaval music and composed some ourselves using our hands and musical instruments. Check out the pictures and videos!  

Carnaval clapping song

Still image for this video

Carnaval Dancing

Still image for this video
Picture 1
Picture 2

Homework Stars!

Check out this weeks homework stars. Well done everyone had their homework this week! 

Day of the Dead

Check out some of our amazing Day of the Dead masks that we created at the end of last term. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Homework Stars!


Homework this week was to write a poem about a Rainforest animal. We had some really lovely poems. Check them out below! 



The animal poem

There was a spider who lived in a tree,

That had eight eyes but still couldn’t see

That the bug he was after

Was dying with laughter

Then it swallowed the poor spider for tea

By Finley



They eat with their jaws and kill with their paws

They eat fish, snakes and deer that quiver with fear

They live in the trees with peculiar leaves

Yellow with spots they eat lots and lots

The Jaguar lives alone and protects its home by pouncing on its prey

They roar with their great wide jaw

Sneaking through the trees peeking through the leaves

By Jacob  


The Snake 

The snake slivers below snapping its jaws

He slides across the canopy capturing his prey

To have his feast of the day

He lays under the sun ready to strike a mouse out no his latest hike

He basks in the sun amongst his own kind

He hisses he sheds his skin

He thinks he is the king

By Liam



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Homework Stars!


Another amazing week of homework! This is always one of Miss Tedaldi's and Miss Anker's favourite homeworks to see. The children always show bags of creativity and imagination.

Check out some of the 2D and 3D models! 

Debating Deforestation 


Today was our debate on:

'Is deforestation good or bad for our planet?'


In order to debate this we split into two teams and had certain roles within our teams including:

Logger, Government Official, Environmental scientist, Forest inhabitants, Fast food restaurant owners, Cattle farmers, Pharmacists and Conservationests.  


After some very heated debating from both sides the jury decided that deforestation was bad for our planet. 

Check out some of our photos!

Homework Stars!


Check out some of our amazing front covers for this weeks homework!

24th April 2017


We have worked super hard this week on our new exciting topic. Already we have designed our new topic front covers with Rainforest animals. We even learnt about continents and oceans of the World, countries of South America and the layers of the Rainforest! 


Next week we will be learning about deforestation and the effects on the Amazon Rainforest. We will be holding a debate in class on the issue. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Floresta Amazônica!


Picture 1

Goodbye Vedi Vidi Vici! 


We had a wonderful end to a brilliant topic with the amazing Museum! If you missed it check out the photos below. 

An invitation to...

Kestrels' History Museum!


This term the Kestrels have been working extremely hard on putting together a Museum about their topic. The Museum will be open to view on Wednesday 5th April at 3:00pm.

Everyone is welcome!


Check out some of the photos below to see what might be on display. 

Homework Stars! 


This week we had to use a Learning Power at home. Our learning powers are Reflect, Relate, Persevere, Reach and Curious.




We are Legends! 


Today we have been in our writing workshop. All of us have written a full story, that's right, a whole story! From beginning to end we have told tales of Roman legends. Our classroom has been full of three headed lions, wicked witches, glorious gladiators and supreme soldiers. We will be making a proper story book with front covers and blurbs.

Our teachers are very proud of how hard we have worked today. 



We Made Crumbling Coffee Letters!

  • First we wrote our letters.
  • Next we put a lined piece of paper under a normal piece of paper so we could write on the lines.
  • After that, we read it through so it made sense.
  • After we did all that we wrote over it with a black pen.
  • We scrunched it into a ball then unscrunched it.
  • After that we rubbed it in coffee and ripped some parts off so it looked very old and brown.
  • Then we pretended we were the other person and we wrote a reply without a plan.


By Beatrice, Anoushka, Sunny


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Homework Stars!


This week we have lots of stars for some amazing writing! Check out the photos! 

Roman Mosaic!


In Art we have been working on creating marvelous mosaics. Today we challenged ourselves to make a whole floor mosaic! Working in teams we persevered and are really proud to share with you

'Majestic Uplands Birds Mosaic'. 


Homework Stars!


This week we had to design and make a quiz for our museum. Check out the photos for the stars! 

6th March 2017


Another busy week in Kestrels class this week! We have been finishing writing out short stories inspired by our Roman work.


PE was great fun! We made a sequence of shapes using our Roman knowledge which we then put to music, making it a story.  


We have also finally finished our amazing class Mosaic.

Homework Stars!


This week we had to write a review of our school trip to Caerleon!

Check out the photos of this weeks homework stars! 


2nd March 2017 


We have had a fantastic day out exploring the Roman town of Caerleon! All the children were brilliant coming to all the teachers sharing new facts and information they had found. The behaviour was excellent and they were great ambassadors for the school. Well done! 


We visited lots of places around the town including the Roman Baths, Amphitheatre and Barracks. We then had a great look around the museum and had a workshop all about school life in Roman times. We even had a chance to try on some armour! 


Check out some of the photos of our day! 

Homework Stars! 


Our homework this week was to create a Roman Numerals maths challenge for our Museum! Check out some of the photos. 

Homework Stars! 


Our homework this week was actually two pieces!


First was based on our work on the story of Romulus and Remus. In the story they created their own city which later became the city of Rome. We had to imagine we could create our own city. What would it be called? Give it a name and state 8 things that would be special about our city.


Second was to present a small research project a Roman God and present our findings in any way we liked.


Check out some of the Homework stars for this week in the pictures!  

20th February 2017


Welcome to our first weekly blog!


This week we started writing some stories based on Rome. We set the scene this week describing in lots of detail what we could see, hear, smell and touch! Next week we are moving onto describing our characters.  


Picture 1
Picture 2



Week 6- due in Wednesday 22nd February: Understanding and Analysing: Over the half term break research a Roman god of your choice. Create a short project of this god highlighting why they were important to the Romans. You can present this in any way you like.



Check out next week's blog for the homework Stars of the week! 




Genius Week!


Welcome back after half term! Take a look at some of our photos from our Genius week. We had a very exciting week learning lots of new skills and finding our Genius.





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