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Monday 6th Nov - Friday 10th Nov


Last week the children took part in anti-bullying week alongside the rest of the school.  Thank you so much to all the parents who came along on Wednesday afternoon to see what we had been finding out about.  We talked about bullying and being kind to each other in school and also found out how we can keep ourselves safe when we are playing or working on the computer.  As you can see from the photos, the children particularly enjoyed acting out a story about bullying called 'Chrysanthemum' by Kevin Henkes.

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On Wednesday, we braved the cold and went to the park with Merlins class. It was the Merlin children's very first outing from school and the Year 2s were fantastic - holding their hands and showing them how to behave whilst we were walking on the pavement, we were very proud of them.  When we got back to school, we looked at all the interesting leaves and other Autumn items we had gathered, sorting them by colour and shape and then using them to create some lovely art for display in the classroom.

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Monday 30th Oct - Friday 3rd Nov


We have had another lovely week in the Owls and the children returned to school after half term raring to go!  We have been joined in class by Miss Sampson who is helping out on Mon - Wed in Owls until Christmas.  However, Miss Francis and Mrs Knight will still be there everyday across the week.  


This week in maths we have been working on counting in different ways - some of us counted to 100, some counted in 2s, 5s,10s and 3s and some of us found out about the pattern of odd and even numbers.


In art, we worked with Mrs Walker on our cutting and sticking skills in order to create a collage.  The children had to really concentrate to make sure their cutting was accurate and they are improving all the time with practice.  If you have chance at home, using scissors is a great way to strengthen their fingers and work on their fine-motor skills.

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Monday 9th - Friday 13th


This week we welcomed a visitor into Owls class. PCSO Underwood came to talk to us about crossing the road safely. We went outside in small groups and put our knowledge to the test! She taught us the importance of making sure we stop, look and listen every time we cross the road.  It was great to see some of the children applying this knowledge on the way to the field for football club on Wednesday. Next week we will be making our own books to share with Merlins to help them cross the road safely too.

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In art, the children have been looking at pop art with Mrs Walker. They created their own designs in polystyrene and then printed with them - creating some fantastic results.

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Monday 2nd - Friday 6th October


Another wonderful week in the Owls - we are really settling in now and getting used to all the new routines and expectations.  In English, we have read the 'Supertato' series of books.  The children have really loved the stories and we were inspired to write a set of instructions for 'How to trap the Evil Pea...'  We made evil peas out of plasticine and then trapped them in jelly - just like the end of the story!  As you can see the children had a lot of fun watching the jelly change from a solid to a liquid.  

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In PE we were learning different ways to travel across the floor, including galloping, side-stepping and hopping! We also worked on our balance by trying to keep beanbags on our heads whilst completing different tasks - very difficult indeed but lots of fun!

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Finally, in maths we have been using the 'numicon' pieces to help us find out about all sorts of new concepts, including more than and less than.  The children were also challenged to create a superhero city scape using this fantastic resource.  They had to count the windows and make sure it all added up to the total they were given.  They worked well together and grew in confidence as the task progressed.

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Mon 11th - Fri 22nd Sept


Mrs Wride has had a fantastic two weeks in Owls and the children have been really busy.  They found out all about the superhero 'Big Brave Bill' created by folk singer Kate Rusby.  He comes from Barnsley and likes Yorkshire tea!  The children went outside and made their own 'Big Brave Bill' drawings out on the playground in chalk and then they all enjoyed some tea and biscuits to finish off the week!

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Welcome Back Owls! 


Calling all superheroes! We have had a super first week back in Owls class. We have practiced our hero handwriting, who knew there was a superhero for every letter of the alphabet! Marvelous maths challenged our brains, especially when the evil teacher came along and muddled up our numbers, we worked as a team to put them back in order. Our art work was spectacular and we had a brilliant time getting to know each other during golden time.

Miss W-S and Mrs Knight are really impressed and can't wait to see how our super learning powers grow over the term. 

Week beginning 16th July 2017


Hello everybody.


We have had a fantastic final week!  We had lots of fun playing at the park.  We played rounders and some of the children scored a rounder first time! After that, we had a fantastic water fight and everybody got soaked.  All the children loved it and so did the grown ups.  Mr Lucas very much enjoyed squirting everybody with the super soaker.  On Wednesday, we made pizzas.  It was really great learning how to make the dough from scratch using Miss Dempster's recipe.  At the end of the week, we brought in our own toys and games to share with each other.  We also got to go and play with the Merlins.  


It has been a fantastic year and all the children have achieved so much.  It is all made possible by the support we get from all of you so thank you. We hope you all have a fantastic summer holiday. 


Miss Dermody and Miss Dempster 



Week beginning 9th July 2017

Hello everybody!


On Monday, a dance lady came in to teach us dances and we made big Kenyan animals using different materials.  It was really fun! 

On Tuesday, Miss Dermody did beading and someone came in and did felting. 

On Wednesday, we went to the CINEMA to see Despicable me 3!

On Thursday, we met our new teachers. 

On Friday, we did some drama and finishes our photography collages. 

Have a nice weekend. 



A message from Miss Dermody and Miss Dempster.


Next week, we will be doing lots of fun activities to celebrate the end of term.  On Tuesday, we will walk up to the park and spend the morning there.  Please could you ensure your child has got a snack and water bottle that they can take with them.  If necessary, please apply sun cream before school. 


On Thursday, the children are allowed to bring in one of their toys from home! 


Thank you for all your support. 

Week beginning 2nd June 2017


This week we have done lots of DT.  We used a range of materials to design and make printing blocks which we then used to print on to paper and fabric.  We took our inspiration from a Kenyan artist and used the colours of the Kenyan flag to make our prints.  On Wednesday, we had sports day.  We all had a great time and the Leopards in the class were very pleased to have won.  We finished off the week with a fashion show to display all of our fabulous work.  All in all it has been a great week!  


Just a reminder about our trip to the cinema on Wednesday.  If you have not yet signed the permission slip then please could you do so by Monday. 


Thanks for all your support. 


Miss Dermody and Miss Dempster. 



Week beginning 26th June 2017

At the beginning of the week, we planned and carried out a science investigation about habitats.  We made choice chambers out of a cardboard box and went to look for woodlice to see if they would choose either the dark/dry, dark/wet, light/dry or light/wet corner. We wrote down our predictions and then we looked in our boxes to see where the woodlice chose to go. After, we wrote up our conclusion. 


We used a program called Scratch on the iPads to learn about coding. We had to create a safari scene using different animals. We had to create a code to make the different characters move.


At the end of the week we dug up our potatoes and did some cooking. We made a Kenyan dish called Irio. It took ages. Afterwards we ate the food. Some people didn't want to try it but when they did, they loved it. Only two people didn't like it. 


Hope we you have a great weekend. 




Some children attended a writing workshop with Miss Dempster this week.  Here are some of their amazing poems:


I Saw a Monster

I saw a friendly monster as cheerful as can be

He was laughing with glee

I saw a brave monster as strong as can be

He wanted to save the princess so she could be free

I saw monster as sad as could be

He was lost all alone and he wanted his mummy

I saw a monster he said for goodness sake

Bake me a cake!

I saw a monster she was the best of them all

She didn’t break a monster law

She didn’t crawl, she didn’t fall, she didn’t play ball

She was the best of them all!

By Maisie


Sea Monster

I am a sea monster, a waving, snaking sea monster as blue as the foaming waves.

Thrashing, crashing, flying, smashing. Leaping through watery caves.

I am a sea monster, a swirling, curling sea monster loving the autumn breeze.

Swooping into the distance. Moving, wriggling, being careful not to freeze.

I am a sea monster, a whirling, twirling sea monster flicking up water.

Diving, creeping, snaking for I am the Sea King’s daughter

In sunset sinking away.

By Isabelle


Under the shimmering, turquoise sea

Under the sea there could be:

An old wooden shipwreck sitting at the bottom on the sea.

A turtle’s dangerous tooth and a ripped message hidden in a bottle.

A treasure chest’s lock sparkling like silver.

A bobbing clown fish as orange as the sun and a smooth shiny seahorse weaving through seaweed.

A string of bright green seaweed swaying in the water and a shiny, light blue fish left in a coral reef.

What else could be under the sea?

By Eleanor


Day Dreamer

I saw a monster, a sunny, yellow monster, gliding in the water like me,

And it said, “ello little monster are you good or bad?”

“Right now,” I replied, “I’m incredibly sad!”

But then it kept on gliding, it kept on slither sliding and it called,

“When you’re in the ocean you do need suntan lotion!”

“But I do not have any. I don’t even have a plan!”

So it faded away for the rest of the day and I kept on going for my five metre badge!

By Jemima


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Week beginning 18th June 2017


This week we had a brilliant trip to Bristol Zoo.  At Bristol Zoo, we saw some meerkats, lions, flamingos, dinosaurs and ducks.  The dinosaurs weren't real although they did roar!  When we had our lunch a duck ate half of my sandwich!  At lunchtime, Miss Dempster and her son George turned up.  He is really cute!  We got all wet when we went in the water park.  It was really fun because it was a really hot day. 


In our English lessons we wrote recounts about out trip.  Some of them are up in the classroom on display.


In genius hour we explored how things fly and made awesome paper aeroplanes.


By Bel

Week beginning 12th June 2017


This week we cracked a code for finding Miss Dempster's Lego cards. Mrs Moore was the thief. How fun it was! 


On Thursday, the Year 2s  got into partners and made posters about Kenya. 


We made some special cards. Everybody made different cards. 


On Friday we did lots of repeated patterns. We made them out of Lego, boxes and we even drew them. 


By Maya







Message from Miss Dermody and Miss Dempster


On Monday, we will be going on our trip to Bristol Zoo. Please apply sun cream before school. Children will need a hat, lots of water and a snack. It's forecast to be a scorcher! They will also need a rucksack to carry their lunch in. 


Thanks for all your support. 



Week beginning 5th May 2017


Hello everybody, 


On Monday, we had a visit from a tortoise. It was very funny. 

On Tuesday, we wrote instructions about how to care for a tortoise. It was quite fun. 

On Wednesday, we did doubling and halving. It was hard. 

On Thursday, we researched lots of things about Kenya. It was fun!




A message from Miss Dermody and Miss Dempster

If children have not brought back their slips for the Bristol Zoo trip, please could they remember to bring them on Monday. 



Week beginning 22nd May 2017


Hello everybody,


This week we were doing our 'We love maths' books. They are fun, awesome and brilliant for new learners. On Tuesday, we went swimming. How hot it was! We also did lots of work on shape. 

On Friday, we did golden time. Lots of people did IPads and some did colouring. What fun we had! 

I hope everybody has a brilliant half term filled with loveliness and enjoyment. 





Week beginning 15th May 2017


Hello everybody,


On Monday we had a reading day where we dressed up as are favourite book characters. Miss Dempster dressed up as Gerald the giraffe and Miss Dermody dressed up as Big the kangoroo. We had breakfast with the parents and we made potatoes look like book characters out of school for everyone to see.


On Tuesday we wrote a book review for Giraffes Can’t Dance and went swimming in the afternoon.


Today we played fun, exiting and extremely cool games including rob the nest and we typed up are animal riddles.


Have a lovely weekend, Eleanor.

Week beginning 8th May 2017

Hello everybody. 


This week we've been doing some riddles about animals.  We've also been learning about habitats and doing some gardening. It has been very fun. Surprisingly, we all finished our animal models.  It was the best week yet. What wonderful models we made!


We made African masks with Mrs Walker and we've been doing some hard maths and English.  On Friday in maths, we worked on telling the time.  


Have a good weekend. 




Week beginning 1st May 2017

Hello everybody. Hope you have a good week.


We have been writing stories about animals using the story of ‘How the tortoise got his shell’. Read on to find out what sort of things we used to write our stories. We used conjunctions, character descriptions, setting descriptions and some of us used commas to separate our clauses. What fun we had!


On Thursday afternoon Mrs Walker came in for our art lesson. We looked up Kenyan masks on Ipads to give us ideas and then designed them. Were you wondering what the milk bottles were for? They were for making the masks.


In maths we were writing shape riddles and then we told them to the class to see if they could guess them. What an excitement it was when we guessed the shapes right!


Finally we built houses during genius hour. We tested to see if we could blow them down with a hair dryer.

Have a great weekend.




As part of our DT week near the end of term 6, we will be printing onto t-shirts. All children will need a white or light coloured t-shirt.


If you have one of these going spare or want to provide one for your child then that is brilliant. Otherwise, we are happy to take a £2 payment to buy one for your child.


A letter has been given out which will need to be returned by Monday 15th May.


Thanks for all your support.

Miss Dermody and Miss Dempster


Week beginning 24th April

Hello everybody.

Hope you had a great Easter Holidays! 


This week we learnt the story of how tortoise got his shell. Do you know the story? We also painted this wonderful story.


We used modroc to make safari animals. How messy we got! We used some balloons to put the modroc onto and these became the animal’s bodies. We started our new topic on Kenya. So far we are full of excitement!


From Maisie


We will be starting our swimming lessons on Tuesday. Please could your child remember to bring their swimming kit. 

Thank you for your support.

Miss Dermody and Miss Dempster


Here is a topic overview for this term so that you know all about the exciting activities that are coming up!


Picture 1

Week beginning 3rd April


This week it was the Country Dance Festival. We loved showing our families all of the dances we have been learning.  We were really brilliant and it was a lot of fun. 


At the beginning of the week, we were set a really exciting challenge. We were told that each group would be given a budget of £5 to buy ingredients to make a healthy food item. We had to work together to design our item and then we went to Tesco to buy the ingredients.  We decided to make fruit jellies, cakes, wraps, smoothies, soup and fruit kebabs. 


We then had a shop in our classroom to sell everything we made. Lots of people came and it was really brilliant! The carrot cakes won the competition of making the most money in total.


We also made bird nest cakes. 


Have a great Easter!



Week beginning 27th March 2017


Hello everybody,

On Tuesday we went to Cotswold Farm Park for an awesome school trip.


When we got there we took our belongings to the lunch room so we could eat our snacks and then we went to the toilet.


We went to the demonstration barn to see the sheep with the lambs.  We then went on a tractor ride. What a bumpy ride it was!


Next we went back to the lunch room to have our lunch.


We went to the touch barn and held a rabbit, chick and guinea pig. 


Would  you like to go on this school trip?


Eleanor and Isabelle.


Message from Miss Dempster and Miss Dermody

This week we will be working on a DT project to end our brilliant topic From Plant to Plate.  The children will be set the challenge of designing a food item that includes fruit or vegetables that they can produce and sell to make a profit.  They will work in teams and be given a budget of £5 per team.  We will be opening our class pop up shop to sell our products to you on Wednesday 5th April at 3pm - please come along to support us and buy lots of our goodies.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Week beginning 20th March 2017


Hello everybody.  Welcome to our weekly blog!


This week we watched a video from food glorious food. We listened to the rhythm and we listened to the beat.

In maths we looked at position and direction using the b-bots. What fun we had!  


In English we designed our own animal and we wrote information about our animals. The Year 1s wrote information about the life cycle of a seed.


Nancy and Jemima.


Our trip to the farm is coming up on Tuesday 28th March! Please make sure you have given in your child's permission slip. We will be carrying our lunch throughout the morning so rucksacks would be very useful. It will be muddy so it would be great if your child could bring their wellies. 


Many thanks. 

Week commencing 13th March 2017


Hello everybody! We hope you’ve had a good week.


This week we planted potatoes in our vegetable planters. We had a lot of fun because it was exciting to imagine our own potatoes growing.


We wrote explanation texts in English. The year twos wrote about the life cycle of a seed and the year ones wrote about a heffalump.


On Friday we created mini bridges that we tested to see what materials are the best.


By Isabelle and Maya


Week commencing 6th March 2017


Hi everybody. Welcome to our weekly blog!

This week we were writing instructions of how to make spam fritters. We made them and they tasted delicious, yummy and scrummy in your tummy.


We also started measuring capacity and we liked that. 


The past few days have been fun.


Jemima and Nancy 

27th February 2017

Hi everyone!


This week we wrote instructions of how to make a sandwich for a giant and in some of the sandwiches there were gooey snozzcumbers and blue slime.


In maths we did very tricky number problems. We got stuck on some of them but then we persevered and solved them in the end.


We also had a visit from a very jolly gardener. We planted cress, sunflowers and mustard and we all enjoyed it. We get to take home the sunflowers when they’re 10cm tall!


We hope you all had a good week.

Maisie and Eleanor

20th February 2017


Hello everybody. Welcome to our first weekly blog!


This week we were writing instructions of how to make a sandwich. We learnt that the main features of how to write instructions are the title, a what you need list and a method. We got to make our own tasty peanut butter and jam sandwiches.


Next we interviewed some older relatives including Henry’s great aunt and uncle. Then we had a visit from Caterlink. They are the nice people who make our yummy school dinners. They talked to us about fruit and vegetables and what is healthy.


Have a great weekend.


Izzy and Jemima.

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Genius Week

6th February 2017

Welcome back after half term!  


During Genius Week the children had loads of fun trying out new skills and taking part in lots of different workshops. Take a look at the photos of our busy week!





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