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Week commencing 13th March 2017


Hello everybody! We hope you’ve had a good week.


This week we planted potatoes in our vegetable planters. We had a lot of fun because it was exciting to imagine our own potatoes growing.


We wrote explanation texts in English. The year twos wrote about the life cycle of a seed and the year ones wrote about a heffalump.


On Friday we created mini bridges that we tested to see what materials are the best.


By Isabelle and Maya


Week commencing 6th March 2017


Hi everybody. Welcome to our weekly blog!

This week we were writing instructions of how to make spam fritters. We made them and they tasted delicious, yummy and scrummy in your tummy.


We also started measuring capacity and we liked that. 


The past few days have been fun.


Jemima and Nancy 

27th February 2017

Hi everyone!


This week we wrote instructions of how to make a sandwich for a giant and in some of the sandwiches there were gooey snozzcumbers and blue slime.


In maths we did very tricky number problems. We got stuck on some of them but then we persevered and solved them in the end.


We also had a visit from a very jolly gardener. We planted cress, sunflowers and mustard and we all enjoyed it. We get to take home the sunflowers when they’re 10cm tall!


We hope you all had a good week.

Maisie and Eleanor

20th February 2017


Hello everybody. Welcome to our first weekly blog!


This week we were writing instructions of how to make a sandwich. We learnt that the main features of how to write instructions are the title, a what you need list and a method. We got to make our own tasty peanut butter and jam sandwiches.


Next we interviewed some older relatives including Henry’s great aunt and uncle. Then we had a visit from Caterlink. They are the nice people who make our yummy school dinners. They talked to us about fruit and vegetables and what is healthy.


Have a great weekend.


Izzy and Jemima.

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Genius Week

6th February 2017

Welcome back after half term!  


During Genius Week the children had loads of fun trying out new skills and taking part in lots of different workshops. Take a look at the photos of our busy week!





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