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Uplands Primary School

Week beginning 30th November

This week the children have been learning the Christmas story. We have a lovely nativity set to play with and the children have been ordering events in the story. We have done lots of related counting and are now counting up to 16. See the book bags containing the new double sounds. Note: count each double sound as one sound, so that ‘chip’  would be 3 sounds- ch, i, p.

The children were very excited about our Christmassy classroom and are enjoying practising the songs and dance for the play. Our tier 3 words this week are: Christian, Bible and incarnation (bit of a hard one, but it is amazing how quickly the children pick up long words!!)


The pictures are: reading our home made Christmas story concertina books, phonic games, playing weight lifting to practise the 'ng' sound, and playing our made up aeroplane game.





Uplands Primary School

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