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Uplands Primary School

Week beginning 21st September

We have been reading and working on the book , Monkey Puzzle. The children are identifying initial sounds in words and made a great job of matching animal names to pictures. They have been 'writing' (mainly squiggles as yet)  about the story on the writing table and loving playing with the small world jungle animals. Number work has been mainly on 1-5 and the children loved our big counting blocks in their outdoor play. They had some good ideas about what to make them into. The children have worked really hard on learning the first few sounds and numbers- great progress everyone! There are new ones in the bags as well as 'tricky' words, so keep practising at home.


The children worked with Mrs. Collins and Mrs. Ponting on Thursday afternoon and have discovered junk modelling. They are loving this. We all enjoyed joining in with the whole school reading session too which you can find more on in the English section.





Uplands Primary School

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