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Uplands Primary School

Week beginning 15th June

We have had a fun week studying the book, Aaarrrgh! Spider by Lydia Monks. We are now finding that we can read lots of the words and now spell some of them too. We have drawn, coloured and made spiders to decorate our bug den. We have also made a big spider using our writing as legs. Check out the pictures! In maths we have been partitioning our numbers into tens and ones and now know why 14 (for instance) is made up of a one and a 4. It has been a bit wet and we have had to stay in a bit more, but the children were really good about this. Thanks, children.


Attached is the home school plan and some photos of things children wanted to show. We have not got everything on here because some of the work is sent to individual parents on Tapestry.

Have a great weekend,


Mrs. Gibson and Mrs. Collins.





Uplands Primary School

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