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Week beginning 15.7.19


Lots of end of term fun including making up our own Jack and the Beanstalk dance, building the castle and watching and taking part in Uplands Got Talent (well done Ellie, Maud and Paige, you are so brave.) What a wonderful show it was. The trip to Cattle Country was fantastic. The weather was perfect and the children had a lovely day seeing the animals, playing in the sand, jumping on the trampolines and climbing and sliding in the barns.

The highlight was Mr. Lucas braving the death slide along with Mrs. TC and Mrs. Ponting. It was lovely to welcome our new pupil, Charlotte, who has made a great start at school.We say goodbye to our buddies tomorrow and watch them in their play. Happy summer, everyone and many thanks for all your support this year!

Week beginning 8.7.19


The children have really enjoyed lots of playing and learning outside. They have been making and testing out how cars run down a slope and measuring how far they go each time. They have been washing our toys, reading, weaving, making pastel drawings and role playing Jack in The Beanstalk. Inside, they have been learning to write as a class, independently and they are working on recognising and finding numbers to 50 and 100 on a number square. The children have also been watching clips and discussing the life of plants. 

Week beginning 1/7/19


It was an amazingly busy week. On Monday we found that all of our butterflies had hatched and so we set them free at the top of the playground. Here they had access to local gardens and flowers. Some of the children say they have seen them since and loved this uplifting experience. 


Sam came to visit and all the children printed designs on their clay tiles. Next we made camouflage and patterned animal pictures. On Tuesday we made plate designs and circle collages, and on Wednesday the children went off to see their new class. On Thursday and Friday everyone went with their teams to do amazing art activities. The results are fantastic, so make sure you visit the exhibition and see more details in our art section of the website. 

Week beginning 24/6/19


This week we have begun to learn about place value and have been grouping objects into tens and ones. The children all made a superb effort on sports day. It was very new for them, and they coped well. We spotted a few budding athletes! We have also been learning about minibeasts by watching DVD clips and making snails using salt dough and pastel crayons. On Friday we went on a minibeast hunt in the playground and put our bugs into groups. We found that they did not like the sun and were looking for damp places!

Week beginning 17/6/19

The children have had another really good session on the PE apparatus. They have learned the 5 basic shapes of gymnastics and have been making these shapes on the floor, on the wall bars and in the air! In maths we have been learning to add and subtract using the number lines and squares, and in RE we have been learning about Judaism. This continues our work on special places. We looked at pictures of synagogues, then made our own pictures, collages and models. We watched a video clip on Shabbat and then acted out our own Shabbat meal, complete with bread and juice. It was fun to socialise around one big table. We did a history lesson on Monday in which we had a local resident to visit. She told us all about what Uplands School was like when she was a girl. It was very interesting and I think the children are glad they are children now!

Week beginning 10th June.


We have been working on our RE topic, special places.  We began by talking about places special to us and  then spent an enjoyable afternoon den building. The outside dens were excellent and we have a new area inside for dragons! We learned about how churches are special to Christians,  and followed up by making paintings, drawings and models of churches. On Friday we looked at pictures of houses throughout the world and the children were amazed at how different they can be.


The children have brought home a new set of words to learn. We have been working on them in class. Some children may feel ready to spell some of them too. You will see from the pictures that we have also been enjoying using the large apparatus in gym.

Week beginning 3rd June.


We have been learning number bonds to 5 and finishing our pictures based on "Tiger in a Tropical Storm" by Henri Rousseau. Thursday, the day of our trip to The Cotswold Wildlife Park, was really exciting. We began the day with a talk on habitats and adaptations whilst we looked at the penguins, meerkats, otters and some of the beautiful birds. We then had a picnic and played on the adventure playground. In the afternoon we saw the farm animals then the African and Asian animals. Standing, elevated, right next to the giraffes and being so near to the lions was amazing! The children looked at our photographs and did some super writing to follow up on Friday.

We have been learning some interesting facts about animals this week (Mrs. Gibson included !) as we continue to research our topic. Tuesday was very exciting when the Tiger DID come to tea. We made cucumber and jam sandwiches, cut up some fruit and laid a long table for us all. The Tiger arrived in good time and we all read out our messages to him (he was not a great reader). He answered all of our questions and we found out that he came from a rain forest just like the ones we have been learning about. Our maths work has also been fascinating this week as we coloured number squares to show number patterns. Several children have written numbers well beyond 20 without being taught. They show excellent thinking skills.

Week beginning 13.5.19

We have been learning the features of the 4 seasons and about woodland animals. The children have made some super seasons charts as you can see below. Do use your knowledge organisers at home to revise this as the children are still muddling the seasons a little at this stage.

 In maths we have been learning to total amounts of money using 10p, 5p, 2p and 1p coins. This was met with 100% success. Well done, Merlins! We have also been inviting The Tiger Who Came to Tea, to tea! Watch this space…

This week we have been learning about how we know about dinosaurs and we are beginning to understand how a fossil is formed. We printed using shells in clay to help our understanding. We wrote our own clues for a quiz to round off the topic. Well done the "Jeek" team, the winners. In maths we have been learning about "lazy" zero (he does nothing when we add or subtract him). We have also tried "counting on" to make addition quicker. Well done to those who are starting to do this.
There has been more really good work on dinosaurs. The writing was used for our big wall display and we were all proud of the results. We have been learning about theories on why the dinosaurs became extinct. In maths we have been learning some of the names of the 3 dimensional shapes and made some super box models. Everyone has learned to use our programmable Beebots, picking up the commands very quickly. The children's ball skills are improving in PE and we tried out some of the larger bikes and trikes in our outdoor session. They are getting too big for some of the old ones now!

We have kicked off on our new topic with some clips and discussions on dinosaurs. The children have responded really well, telling us about the dinosaurs they know about, making some great dinosaur paintings, and role playing in our museum and with our toy dinosaurs. Don't forget to use the new knowledge organiser to quiz your child on what they know. The children will become very familiar with these when they have an enlarged version of the organiser to work with in class.

In writing we have been sending messages via our Magic Message Tree. There may be some "magic" replies for us next week. In maths we have been learning to solve sharing problems in which we gave the teddies an equal share of the biscuits. Everyone is excited because the tulips we planted have finally flowered. More magic!

Week beginning 1.4.19

It has been all about spring and Easter this week. Thankfully the weather was very spring like on Monday for our walk. We collected flowers, new buds and leaves and made a display in the classroom. Then it got cold which was a little confusing but the children at least know the realities of England! We listened to the Easter story and made links between new life, eggs and the story. The children have done some lovely art work to support the topic.

Happy holidays everyone, and many thanks for your continued support.

Week beginning 25. 3.19

We have enjoyed reading and discussing the story, Q Pootle 5, among many other new books we have recently bought for our book corner. In maths we have been doing some practical work in the water tray, finding out which containers hold more water. We imagined we were looking for the container which held the most “super juice” for the king. We have done several activities around “A Short Ride on a Fast Machine” by the composer, John Adams. We made up a machine dance, painted our interpretations of the piece, and composed our own pieces using percussion.

Week beginning 18.3.19

This week we have been perfecting our cutting skills and have made pictures in the style of Matisse. It is also very exciting that the children are now beginning to write short captions and sentences with minimal help. All that handwriting practise is paying off! We have also been working hard learning our di and trigraphs (double and treble sounds e.g. ar, ure) and using the knowledge to read more difficult words. Look in the book bags. There is  a sheet showing which sounds your child needs to learn. In maths we have been problem solving with “one more” and “one less.”


Week beginning 11.3.19

We have been having lots of fun reading Here Come The Aliens, and learning new descriptive words in order to describe our own, “made up” aliens. Do have a look at the pictures, the children have done some super drawings. In their play, they  have  been making pages for our class book on space which we are sharing in the book corner. In maths we have been learning what half means. We have been cutting dough and shapes in half and then learning how to find half of simple numbers.


Week beginning 4.3.19

We have been learning about the solar system and have begun some art work for our display. We had fun painting the sun using cling film and sand for a great texture. We have also been exploring weight, and comparing “moon stones” and parcels and  putting them in order of weight. We have been play acting with our “little people” who have been astronauts exploring in “moon sand,” and our space ship is finally ready. The children have had a great time dressing up and role playing as astronauts themselves.


Week beginning 25.2.19

Welcome back everyone. The children have been busy practising subtraction with adults and following up in their play. We have started our topic on space and have been learning about the lack of air and gravity in space. We have been experimenting with the effects of gravity by pushing cars down different slopes and making and testing out our own parachutes.

Week beginning 4/2/19.

We have been enjoying our new airport role play area. We have used this play to begin learning the concept of subtraction as we counted passengers getting on and off the plane. We have learned about early and modern aeroplanes and made our own paper ones. We used these for an investigation into which planes flew the furthest in the playground. The children are remembering our new sounds well. We practised “oi” in the story we studied this week, “Oi, Get Off Our Train.” Keep practising the sounds, there are only a few new ones to come now.

We also said goodbye to our student, Jasmine, who has been working with us since September. We wish her luck in her new nursery placement.

Week beginning 28.1.19

This week we read about Mr. Marvel’s wonderful car and it inspired us to design our own cars which had wings, 8 wheels, flames and all sorts of wonderful ideas. We have also been experimenting and recording which materials float and sink in water. Following this the children were challenged to make a floating boat using junk materials. We found that the cardboard went very soggy but a plastic base worked well. In maths we have learned about doubling and have been solving doubling problems in various contexts (e.g. animals on the farm, books in the bookcase).

WB 21. 1.19

We have been learning all about cars this week and enjoyed reading and writing about Mr. Gumpy’s Motor Car. Please note the new double sounds to practise at home. Also, we have been learning the names of letters (e.g. ay, bee, rather than a, b.) In maths we have been learning to recognise and know the properties of circles, triangles and rectangles. We have been on shape hunts around the classroom. Maybe you could do this at home?


How exciting for the children that we had a smattering of snow. We worked very hard on Wednesday morning so that we could go to play in the snow early. It was well worth it, and we learned about snowflakes and freezing temperatures. See the pictures.

Week beginning 14.1.19.

The children have really enjoyed adding activities this week, with lots of them using stickers and counting in their play. We have been working on balance in PE and made a musical composition to our story, The Magic Train Ride. The children have made their own train rides by adding scenery to their train track buildings and acting in role play. They have also learned to write details on a train ticket. Mr. Moorcroft taught them about old and modern trains.

Merlins curriculum map spring 2019

Week beginning 7/1/19

Welcome back everyone. Happy new year to you all!

We have “kicked off” with our new topic, transport, with new activities this week. We have been looking at pictures of different modes of transport, painting them, and making box model versions of them. We have made car catalogues and played in our new role play area which has become a train station. The children did well on the traffic survey on Friday. In maths we have been studying symmetry and making some interesting pictures.

Week beginning 17th December.


The children have been doing lots of Christmas activities: dot to dot, pattern making, making sleighs and playing in Santa's workshop. They have also managed a bit of addition work! A very big well done to everyone for performing so well in the performance. There are a few "sheep" pictures for you here. The lunch seemed to go down well. It was definitely well deserved! 


A very happy Christmas to everyone!

Week beginning 10/12/18

We have been very busy with Christmas activities: making cards and calendars and practising our sheep dance. We have also been learning about time. We have timed activities over a minute, learned what an hour is, and practised making o’clock times on our small clocks.

The children all seemed to enjoy the pantomime and did very well to cope with such a long day. Well done everyone!

Week beginning 3/12/18

The children have been doing really well at sounding and spelling out 3 letter words this week. In maths they have been counting larger amounts and estimating numbers of objects. We now have Santa’s office (where we design toys, write letters, and write and process Christmas lists) and Santa’s workshop (where toys are wrapped and bagged). The pictures also show the children making Santa's sleigh and painting wrapping paper. We have been very busy, as you can imagine!

Do look at The Wonderful Writing Wall where you will see some of the children’s early writing. You will find this in the children’s section under “blogging.”

Week beginning 26/11/18

We have been reading a story about a new baby this week as this is very topical at the moment! The children have been making cards and writing greetings. We have managed to wrap up and do our PE outside. We are really improving our skipping, hopping and galloping now. In maths we have been making more complex patterns and learning the numbers on dice and numicon pieces (they are flat rectangles containing different numbers of holes). The children are beginning to recognise amounts instead of having to count each one. They have also been playing board and track games which is such an important skill. Do play some at home if you have time!

Week beginning 19/11/18

We have been having fun reading and writing about the story, “Superworm” this week. We have made models, pictures and paintings. In maths, we have been very busy making patterns in many different ways. We have made 2,3 and 4 step patterns using pegboards, cubes, animal shapes, duplo, the giant bricks outside and even underpants, following our story, “Aliens in Underpants!”

Week beginning 12/11/18

The children enjoyed visiting the ambulance which came to school on Monday. They learned about a journey to hospital, about some of the equipment in the vehicle and tried out the seats and the trolley. The siren was very loud as the ambulance passed the school.

On Wednesday we went to Stratford Park after discussing autumn and the work of Andy Goldsworthy. We matched colours of found objects to colour charts. After a snack we made some super collages in the style of the artist. The leaves were beautiful and the children were fantastic walkers.

Many thanks to Nick and all the parents who came on Wednesday. We could not have done these exciting things without you.

Week beginning 5/11/18

We have been studying celebrations this week with the children telling us about their firework night experiences, painting and collaging some super firework pictures and spelling firework sounds in writing. We have learned about Diwali and designed a Christmas card. It is a little early for the latter but orders take time to process!

We are learning about money in maths and have made a shop in the maths area. We have had great fun buying fruit and treats in our play.

Week beginning 29/10/18

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful costumes and fruit for our “Superhero” day. We began by talking about our characters and some brave children sat on the “hot seat” and answered questions. We made fruit kebabs ( counting fruit pieces as we went along), made superhero arm bands, and designed another superhero. After lunch we did some fitness training with our visiting PE teacher and made Superhero assault courses. Quite an energetic start to the term!

Week beginning 15/10/18

We read “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” and began the week making, drawing and painting bears. We hid and found bears by directing our friends to their hiding places and practised the language involved. We role played the story in our new cave area and in the hall where we created some fun scenery.

At the end of the week we learned about what to do if someone is unkind to us, and how to know how someone is feeling by looking at their face. We enjoyed several stories and the children were very brave when they performed and sang their song to everyone. Well done!

Week beginning 8/10/18

We have been working on The Little Red Hen story this week. We acted it out and watched the video taken by one of the children (with a little help!) Later we made bread and sampled our cuisine at the end of the day. Since then we have been writing letters to the hen and making hen hand prints.

We are beginning to blend simple 3 letter words in phonics (there are some words to practise with in book bags) and we have been listening to the stories of the animal zoo numbers in maths. Each number is represented by an animal, e.g. Snappy Six, the crocodile, and each has a short story

Week beginning 1/10/18.

We have been having fun hanging messages on our “Magic Message Tree” and getting replies by “magic.” It has been lovely weather for outdoor play in which we have been using our big target board and recording our scores. We have covered “belonging” in RE, understanding how we belong at Uplands School, learning about baptism and the Hindu customs of Raksha Bandhan. We are beginning to blend our sounds and read simple words which is really exciting! Look in the book bags and there will soon be some word lists for practising at home.

Week beginning 24/9/18

We have been learning about sharing through our story “The Rainbow Fish.” The children have done some lovely paintings and collages of fish and made their very own puppet show of the story. We counted fish scales when learning about more and less in maths.

Everyone was excited about our new PJ Masks role play area. We have dressed up, made vehicles for the characters and filled out special mission forms. Mrs. Harvey and Mrs. Gibson have learned a lot this week!



Week beginning 17/9/18

This week we have been looking carefully at our faces and have made painted some super self-portraits. We have started to learn our sounds and enjoyed the Jolly Phonics songs. In maths we have been learning how to count accurately. Finally we have introduced “special helpers” in which 2 children are chosen to take the register, help with snack and show everyone how to line up well each day. Everyone will be chosen in rotation. It is great to have such helpful children!


Week beginning 10/9/18

This week the children have met their new “buddies” who are making sure they are happy in the playground. The older children are generally very caring and seem to be enjoying this new role. The Merlins have also been told which team they are in and have started to earn points on a weekly basis. We announce the winning team at the end of each week.

The children have continued to play well and have been enjoying more pattern making, this time with the large bricks. They have made roads and car parks for the cars, played with sand, dressed up, painted, made pictures and listened to our Number Zoo stories. Another busy week!

Week beginning 3/9/18

Welcome to Uplands, everyone!

All of the children came in bravely for their first few days and soon settled into playing and learning. We have been painting pictures of ourselves, drawing and mark making on paper and cardboard, using cars to make tracks in paint and even working with shaving foam!

We have started to share the superb “holiday boxes” you compiled over the summer, and enjoyed story time at the end of the morning. On Wednesday the Year 6 children came to meet us and join in with play, and we will soon be matching your child with one of them as a “Buddy.” The Buddies watch out for the children in the playground and make sure they are happy as they play.

Don’t forget to send your child with a small, healthy snack and a drink of water (rather than juice). Well done everyone on a really good first week!

Week beginning 16/7/18

The children loved meeting Jack Rutter and showed great interest in his life story. They enjoyed the agility games in his PE session. Air Hop was a great success with all the children confidently bouncing to their own ability. What an amazing place ! The day on the field gave the children fantastic opportunities with at least 2 Merlins bravely reaching the top of the climbing wall. Everyone played rounders, basketball, “Hungry Hippos” and playground games on Thursday and ran a leg of the marathon on Friday. They all ran much further than we expected. What a week! The children should all sleep well…

Week beginning 9/7/18

This week we all read The Giant Sandwich as a class. We followed up by making sandwiches, having a mini picnic and then by writing instructions on how to make a sandwich. We have also been talking about our favourite stories and watching and acting out Christian and Muslim stories. Everyone ran well on our sports morning and did a great job of being Owls on Thursday for a short time (the children moved classes for a practise.) Well done, Merlins!




Week beginning 2/7/18

Another busy week in Merlins started with the children trying out our new “discovery den” in which they observed, found out about and recorded facts about minibeasts and wild animals. We learned and wrote lots of facts about foxes and found dens and other animal homes when we went to the woods on Tuesday. It was fun looking around some of our allotments and interesting to learn about the cows, chickens and food grown at the micro dairy. We used our collection of natural objects to make collages in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. We have all been “mad” about adding this week. Lots of us have been solving number sentences independently and drawing our characters, Mr. and Mrs. Add.

Please keep up the practise of our latest “tricky” word list. Many thanks for your support.

Week beginning 25/6/18

We started our week with a bug hunt in which we made a tally chart of the bugs we found. Needless to say there were many creatures hiding away from the sun. We have also been watching DVD clips and writing lists on facts about snails. We now know what amazing creatures they are! We then made some pastel drawings and clay models of snails, and finished off with “The Snail and the Whale.” Maths is becoming exciting as we begin to become familiar with numbers to 50.

Week beginning 18/6/18

We have continued our work on The Very Hungry Caterpillar this week. We have made salt dough food (showing what the caterpillar ate), collaged and painted symmetrical butterflies and finished writing our story books. We read the books to each other as a practise for reading them at home. The children did an excellent butterfly dance in PE when they evaluated and praised each others’ work. On Thursday we experimented with the Beebot programmable bees as we lead on to our next focus which is minibeasts.

Week beginning 11/6/18

We had a lovely surprise on Monday morning as our butterflies had hatched. We let them free in the afternoon, saying quite an emotional, “Goodbye.” We have been following up with the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar which we are writing part of in our very own books. The children have done some super caterpillar printing pictures and symmetrical shapes using playdough. Well done.

We have also “got into” den building as part of a project on “special places” in which we have learned about churches and synogogues. I think the children will want to make more dens……


Week beginning 4/6/18

We have been experimenting with timers this week, building towers and counting, adding and subtracting the blocks. Our trip to Waitrose was a success. We learned about Fair Trade goods, local and foreign produce and recycling (watching the huge plastic and cardboard crushers.) It was really exciting going into the warehouse, fridges and even the freezer! We all shopped for fruit for our kebabs and had to say a big “thank you” to our excellent guide. The children have decided they want to send proceeds from the kebabs to the RSPCA. Waitrose has kindly added to our fundraising too. Many thanks to Waitrose!

Week beginning 21/5/18

We had a musical afternoon on Monday when we chose percussion instruments to accompany our story. It sounded very dramatic and exciting by the end. Some of us made puppets of the characters from the story too, and the children asked if they could perform a puppet show to the others. The others were suitably impressed! We also spent time learning and writing adjectives to describe the characters.

Meanwhile we have been watering our beans and plants in the garden and keeping a diary of the changes we have seen. We have been colour mixing with paint in our play. In maths we are learning to count in 2s,5s and 10s. Overall this week the children have coped well with all the sunshine, applying their own cream and wearing their hats- well done, children.

Week beginning 14/5/18

This week we have been working with the Year 1 children on cutting and sticking, construction and book making activities. Everyone was very focussed and there were some good results. The Year 1 children must have inspired them!

Meanwhile we have been reading stories and information books on growing, making seed collages and counting with beans. We were very excited yesterday when we noticed that some of our bean plants have started to shoot. We were lucky to have a beautiful day for our playground session on the bikes and scooters.

Week beginning 7/5/18

This week we have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk and following up with a dance, some “super long” written stories, writing/guessing games and solving addition and subtraction problems using the Giant’s gold coins. We voted the best castle made outside and added warning signs made by "Jack." We have also done a little of our own bean planting. I wonder if they were magic??....


Week beginning 30/04/2018

It was a shame we got the rain on Wednesday, but no one seemed to mind too much and we had a fun and interesting day. We learned all about building materials of the museum, the use of the walled garden and grounds and gained an insight of what it would be like to live in a large house long ago. We handled cooking utensils and games from the past and sampled the old tin bath! (see pictures.) Back at school, some children did some super writing to go with the photographs we took on the trip. I don’t think they realised they could write so much. Well done!

In maths work we have been learning to make half of shapes, objects and numbers. We have also been experimenting on the ipads and making our own pictures of houses.

Take a look at the blogging section of the website and some of the children’s work from last term is on the Wonderful Writing Wall.

Week beginning 23rd April.

We were all excited to have our new Kasbar Den and make it into “Busy Bees Garden Centre and Café.” The children have been making menus, ordering and paying for items and food. We have been learning to recognise and compare the values of coins. Also in Maths, we have been solving problems involving doubling by adding spots to ladybirds.

Continuing our theme on houses, we have watched clips and looked at pictures on houses in other countries. We spotted lots of similarities and differences. Some of the children have continued with this and produced some super “house” collages . This week we have also been in the playground in small groups doing our PE (ball skills) with our student coach. I think the children enjoyed having a different face!

Don’t forget, our trip to the museum is on Wednesday. Forms to be in on Monday.

Week beginning 16th April.

We have “kicked off” our new topic, Stroud, with videos, pictures of the local area and a walk around Uplands. We looked for similarities and differences between the houses, talked about building materials, roof shapes, drainage and features such as solar panels. Many thanks to the Mums who came at such short notice. We have begun some paintings of imaginary houses for a display of our own street.

We had a very exciting time on Wednesday when Mrs. Ponting came to visit, bringing her baby, Jude, to see us. We all thought he was very cute!

The children will bring a note in their book bags when it is their turn for “show and tell.” Also, please continue to return library books on Tuesdays, but they will be changed on Thursday or Friday for the next few weeks. The library is booked on Tuesdays temporarily..

Week beginning 26th March.

We were very lucky to have the sun when we went for our “spring” walk on Monday. The children were very observant and we found lots of signs that spring is actually upon us (although it has been difficult between the bouts of snow!!!) We made a collection of twigs and leaves, and then a display back in the classroom. We then went on to learn about The Easter Story and made links between spring, new life, easter and eggs.

We have finished the term with writing, artwork and cooking activities on the topic of easter. Everyone is ready for a well deserved rest. Happy Easter everyone!

Please note that children need to come into class on their own next term to help develop their independence and to ensure that we can start lessons promptly at 9am. Many thanks.

Week beginning 19th March.

This week we have been studying the book, Here Come the Aliens, by Colin McNaughton. We have learned some interesting words and laughed at some of the strange aliens. We then worked in pairs and drew our own alien character using pastels. See the pictures of our display. They are quite a fearsome bunch!

In maths we have been measuring and solving problems to do with height. We have had fun measuring the furniture in class, the heights of our aliens and each other. We have used straws, cubes and pens to measure with.Week beginning 19th March.

This week we have been studying the book, Here Come the Aliens, by Colin McNaughton. We have learned some interesting words and laughed at some of the strange aliens. We then worked in pairs and drew our own alien character using pastels. See the pictures of our display. They are quite a fearsome bunch!

In maths we have been measuring and solving problems to do with height. We have had fun measuring the furniture in class, the heights of our aliens and each other. We have used straws, cubes and pens to measure with.Week beginning 19th March.

This week we have been studying the book, Here Come the Aliens, by Colin McNaughton. We have learned some interesting words and laughed at some of the strange aliens. We then worked in pairs and drew our own alien character using pastels. See the pictures of our display. They are quite a fearsome bunch!

In maths we have been measuring and solving problems to do with height. We have had fun measuring the furniture in class, the heights of our aliens and each other. We have used straws, cubes and pens to measure with.

Week beginning 12th March.

This week we have been exploring the arts. We listened to several pieces of music and talked about what they reminded us of. One of them was “Mars” from “The Planets” by Holst. After discussion and thinking about the mood, we painted our responses. They were very interesting, and everyone had great ideas. In maths we have been working on subtraction and working out how many water bottles the astronauts had left for their missions. We read “Whatever Next?” and imagined we were sending a postcard from the moon. The children then went on to write postcards on our new style writing table which is kitted out with many new stationary items and a postbox for their letters. There has been lots of writing going on!



Week beginning 5th March

Back to normal this week. The children have been telling us about their experiences in the snow and we have been looking at pictures of, and making magnified snowflakes. We have made rockets and spaceships, and written about the materials we chose to use. They look great on our display, flying around The Solar System!

In maths we have been building spaceships according to instructions. The instructions involved the names of the 3d shapes we have been learning (cube, cuboid, cone and cylinder). We also made playdough biscuits and shared them out to the aliens who came to tea.

The children have loved being outside and enjoyed the warmer temperatures. Spot our “moon dust” sensory play tray in the pictures.